What Does SOML Stand for?

‘SOML’ stands for ‘Story of My Life’ which is used commonly on social media forums and when texting as well. Users write ‘SOML’ when they want to show that their life and the one whom they are talking to somewhat the same. So when someone says ‘SOML’ as a response to your comment, for instance, ‘waiting in line since an hour’, this means that they feel what you are saying and are probably on the same page.

How Can You Use SOML?

It is a way of saying ‘I feel you bro’, or that you share their feeling equally. The reason why people use this is because they have been through a similar life experience, so when they share a meme, or a quote which explains the feeling to its best, the person posting that picture, or who feels exactly what the picture says can comment on the picture saying ‘SOML’.

From the trends that I have seen on Facebook and on other social media forums, users mostly write the acronym ‘SOML’ in a comment under a meme, or put up a status or upload a picture with a caption which says ‘SOML’ along with a short description.

People also use the acronym ‘SOML’ in messages as a response to something that their friend. You can write down just this single acronym in a message to show to your friend that this is exactly what you, are also, going through.

Examples of ‘SOML’ and How to Use it Appropriately

Example 1

You have a friend who is a mother, and is going through some major ‘first born’ anxiety. And because she became a mother for the first time, just like you, she has no one else to talk to with the same level of understanding of her situation.

Mother 1: I think being a mother is not going to be easy. I haven’t slept in days, and I think I will not, for a few years at least.
Mother 2: SOML! But trust me, it gets better eventually. The first baby is usually the toughest because you are new to the whole ‘motherhood’ thing. And it is totally okay to feel that way. When I had my first baby I felt the same way, but thank God I am over that phase.

‘SOML’ often used in a way to show that you understand what they are going through because you, yourself have already gone through this phase or are currently going through it too.

Example 2

Friend 1: I cannot understand this chapter! I need a tutor!
Friend 2: SOML! Let’s group study together.
Friend 1: Or find a tutor.
Friend 2: Sounds like a good idea.

Example 3

You have your exams in a week. And you cannot keep yourself away from social networking. At all. You find this super amazing meme which is totally linked to your situation. Studying, exams and the internet. And when you comment on this meme now, it is possible that you will tag your fellow classmates and your friends, and along with it, you will write ‘SOML’.

Example 4

Considering the same situation at example 3, let’s assume that you are the one posting the meme. Whether you tag your friends or not, there are a 90% chances that all the people on your friend list who relate to the meme on the same level as you, would comment under the meme you just uploaded or shared with a comment ‘SOML’.

Example 5

You had to help you mother with the cooking today. And you messaged your friend before you headed down to the kitchen.

Friend 1: Am I the only one on planet earth who hates to cook and is forced to cook?
Friend 2: SOML! You are not alone my friend.

Example 6

Group Chat

Friend 1: I am so done with this college. I cannot take the work load anymore.
Friend 2: SOML.
Friend 3: Let’s all skip college and party instead.
Friend 4: SOML like literally right now.
Friend 1: Lucky you! -_-

Example 7

A friend’s status update on your news feed.

‘ Went to the store to get a few things I needed. While I was stacking my trolley up with all the stuff I didn’t need, I saw one of the staff members slipping on the wet floor which was five steps away from me. Must say, he did survive the fall like a warrior. Just how I am saving my grades from that fall. #SOML’

Using SOML Only in Empathy

SOML is mostly used to empathize with someone.  It is never, from what I have seen, used when something ‘happy-oriented’ happens. It is often linked to an inconvenience that everyone can relate with. For instance, stress, work load , joblessness, surviving, getting scolded by parents, running into people you don’t like or are trying to avoid them or anything similar to the ideas mentioned here.So whenever you want to use SOML,  use them in scenarios related to the ones mentioned above.

Habiba Rehman
Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.