What does SGTM stand for?

SGTM stands for ‘Sounds good to me’. It is an internet slang used mostly in text messaging and social networking on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, where young adults and especially teenagers use shorthands’ like SGTM and others as a part of the conversation.

Users of the internet, who do not belong to the technology era would not really know the meaning of SGTM or other similar internet jargons. That is why they will not even understand when someone says SGTM as a reply to what they just asked.

Should Use SGTM in Upper or Lower Case?

It is an internet slang, so it doesn’t really matter if you write it all down in upper case or lower case. Internet and social networking websites, to be specific, is a place where nobody would really bother about the punctuation, the spellings or even the structure of a sentence. It is like a place where people interact with one another without following a rule book for the grammar of what they are saying. So, whether you write SGTM or sgtm, it will mean the same either way.

How Should You Use the Acronym SGTM?

SGTM stands for ‘Sounds good to me’, which is used as an expression similar saying ‘okay I am in for the plan’. So you can use it whenever someone asks you ‘so what do you think?’ or similar questions, to which you can reply ‘SGTM’.

Examples for SGTM

Example 1

H: Hey, I was planning on going to Turkey during the winter break. We will be back before ht break ends.
Z: SGTM. When do we leave?
H: I will start the visa process as soon as I get a heads up from the rest of the gang.
Z: Awesome!

Example 2

Wife: Honey, I am going to be late from work today. Do you think you could pick the kids from school?
Husband: Okay honey, don’t worry. I will. Also, I was thinking we’ll all go for a dinner out tonight if you won’t be too tired, that is?
Wife: Auw! SGTM honey sounds great in fact! Would love a family outing after such a busy day.

Example 3

Friend 1: I am going to grab lunch. Who wants to join me?
Friend 2: Me!
Friend 3: Me!
Friend 4: I’m Broke!
Friend 1: I’ll pay! Come on!
Friend 4: SGTM! Who doesn’t like free food?

Example 4

You have your exams in a week and you are stuck on a major topic. You message your friend for help and this is your conversation with her.

You: I need help! I am stuck at chapter 5 and I can’t do the rest until I am done with this one!
Friend: Are you home right now?
You: Yes, why?
Friend: I’ll come over and explain it to you. I am almost done with the syllabus. I can help you with the rest too.
You: SGTM! Thank you so much!

Example 5

Your parents have gone on a holiday to Europe and you have a long list of things that you want them to get for you. This is how your mom replies to your messages.

You: Mom! I need a pair of jeans, and a shirt and a lip color.
Mom: Okay honey.
You: don’t forget!
Mom: I have a better idea.
You: What?
Mom: Dad says why don’t you take the next flight to Venice and do the shopping yourself?
You: Is he kidding? Or are you serious?
Mom: Serious of course!
You: SGTM! Send the money for the ticket!

Example 6

A: do you think you can pick me on your way back to school?
B: I didn’t go to school today. I am coming right now, are you free?
A: SGTM, yes I am.

Be Sure of the Audience That Will Receive Your Message

When using internet jargons, you need to be very careful about the kind of audience that will be receiving your messages. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the form of a text message, or an email or a comment under a status or a picture. If the audience is that of a formal nature, like an official audience with whom you have a very limited and a professional relationship, then you cannot use SGTM as a response to their query or comment. However, you may use it when talking to friends, colleagues or even family members.

We use these jargons so often in our daily lives, that we mistakenly use them in our professional environment as well. Saying SGTM to your boss, or your client, might not seem like a good impression. Internet slang must only be used in a casual setting. For instance, when talking to a friend, or your parents, as shown in the examples above.

So as long as you are not affecting your professionalism by using these internet jargons, it SGTM.

Habiba Rehman
Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.