What Does OTOH Stand For?

‘OTOH’ stands for ‘On The Other Hand’. Usually used when you want to talk with a perspective from both the sides and not just one. People write ‘OTOH’ when talking over social media forums like Facebook and Twitter or even when texting.

How to Use ‘OTOH’ ?

If you want to explain the two perspectives to someone, you would probably use the acronym ‘OTOH’ before you explain the second one. This is just an expression used to compared or to show what is the situation on the other hand (not literally, but figuratively)

What other Abbreviations can be used as alternatives for ‘OTOH’?

Though ‘OTOH’ is the most commonly used acronym to show a new side of the conversation, there are other internet slangs which can be used for this purpose. Like ‘Not That it Matters’ can be abbreviated as NTIM and is seen in conversations taking place on social networks.

Now let’s take a look at a few examples of ‘OTOH’, and how you can use it appropriately during your conversation with a friend or anyone on the social networks or over text chats.

Examples for ‘OTOH’

Example 1

Friend 1: Did you like that movie I told you about?

Friend 2: I did, but I didn’t like the ending. I mean it was great that the girl died for him, saving the family, but she shouldn’t have you know. She loved him too much. But OTOH, the love he had for her, it wasn’t enough. He wouldn’t have done that for her.

For this example, you can see how the acronym ‘OTOH’ has been used to compare the levels of love between the two protagonists of the story the friends are talking about. You can use ‘OTOH’ to compare a situation in reality as well.

Example 2

You often see your teachers and professors use the full form of ‘OTOH’ when delivering a lecture. If you had to explain the same thing over a text or over a social media forum, or during an online discussion, you can use the abbreviated form instead of writing ‘On The Other Hand’. For example,

‘The incoming of imports in the country has increased to a whole new level. While ‘OTOH’, the exports are not being increased. This is not a good case scenario. We need to increase our exports as well to have a balance of the goods coming in and going out.’

Example 3

People assume that ‘OTOH’ can only be used in a formal argument set up. But that isn’t the case. You can use ‘OTOH’ even during a casual conversation between two friends. And the topic does not have to be based on economics or a discussion oriented topic. For example,

R: I was thinking of buying a new laptop for my graphic designing work.

I: Which brand?

R: I am still confused. There were students in my class who had an Android, while others also had Apple, and both were pretty happy about their choices.

I: See, you have a lot of options. Choose the one that your instructor had. This will help you decide better. Android is my personal favourite, but OTOH, if you critically analyse the two, Apple has more benefits.

R: Thus the confusion!

Simple conversations like the one in this example can use acronyms like ‘OTOH’.

Example 4

Group chat with friends.

Q: Let’s go out.

O: when?

R: where?

Y: why?

Q: now of course! Because I want to and venue we shall decide after everyone is in.

O: it is cold outside. OTOH, I don’t have a ride.

Friends can use ‘OTOH’ casually in their conversations. And acronyms should only be used when the person you are having a conversation with is someone close, a friend, or someone you can be frank with.

Example 5

People can also use ‘OTOH’ when they are putting up a status or a picture on the social networks. For instance,

‘I was working on my project last night, in my room, while OTOH my family secretly decorated the whole ground floor for my birthday surprise. I love them!’


‘I could be vacationing right now, but I can’t because I have college. And, OTOH, I don’t even have the money for it.’

Example 6

Parker: Hey, why don’t you come over my place over the weekend to watch the game along with your family?

Jess: That would be great. OTOH, why don’t we all go out for the game instead of watching it at home?

Parker: Sounds even better.

‘OTOH’ or ‘otoh’

You can use ‘OTOH’ in both, upper and lower case. The rule is pretty much the same for all the internet slangs. The meanings of these internet jargons does not change when you write them in upper case or lower case. The rule, however, changes for acronyms or abbreviations that are formally used, like abbreviations for company names or so.


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