What Does OOF mean?

‘OOF’ has more than one meaning. OOF stands for ‘Out of Office’. Used when you are not in your office and have to message someone on the go. People of all ages, belonging to the working age bracket, use this shorthand for Out of Office.

However, OOF is not limited to one meaning. It has many. ‘OOF’ is a sigh sound that we usually make in frustration or annoyance. People use it in the same sense on social networking websites as well as over text messages. This OOF is mostly used as an alternative to when you say ‘Oh God’ or ‘Oh’ as an expression of disappointment, anger or frustration.

Origin of OOF: a sigh

OOF or oof , was initially used in the online gaming world where ‘ Roblox’ a video game character made the sound OOF when it died.

Example of OOF: Replacement for a sigh

Example 1

Situation: You were on your phone and were walking down the stairs looking at your phone. Suddenly you slipped on the last stair and fell. Here, it is possible that you would say ‘OOF’ as a sound of pain or shock. Just how you would say ‘Oh God’ or ‘Ouch’ when in pain.

Example 2

G: Guess what just happened?
H: I just fell from the chair.
G: lol that is funny.
H: No I is not. I Fell so hard on my back, I think I need to go to the Doctor. It’s hurting.
G:oof, the fall on a back is the worst. Yeah, get it checked. Do you want me coming with you?
H: I think I will be needing support to walk.
G: Coming in 15 minutes then.

Example 3

Kyle: oof, it is so hot today.
Jen: It is, it feels like I had a shower in sweat!

OOF for Out of Office

OOF is often used by people who go for work to an office. And they use oof when they are not in their workplace and need to inform someone that they wouldn’t find them in office for now or a while. The following examples of OOF in this sense will help you understand the acronym better.

Examples for ‘Out of Office’ (OOF)

Example 1

Situation: You have a very good corporate job and are living the life. Your cousins from abroad have come over for a week. And you need to show them the city and make them enjoy their trip for a week. For that, you need time, and you won’t be able to give your cousins time if you go to office as you come home by 7 in the evening. For this, you take a week off. But your colleagues didn’t know this. So when one of them messages you asking you where you are, or where have you been, you message them:

‘OOF for a week, will get back on next Monday’.

Because they are your colleagues, you wouldn’t want to give them the details about why you’re on a leave and why are you not coming to work. So to keep it short, informative and precise, you can use OOF.

Example 2

You are going on a vacation, and you have taken a month off from work. During your vacation in Australia, you get a message from your friend, whom you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Jack: Hey, what’s up?
Jill: Nothing, was just out on the beach.
Jack: How’s work?
Jill: It’s going great, but oof for a month.
Jack: Why? all good?
Jill:Yes, just vacation-ing with my parents.

Example 3

D: Hey do you think you can help me with this presentation tonight?
T: Hi, I am so sorry I’m oof for a month right now.
D: oh, ohkay. No problem. All good though?
T: yeah, all good. My father just wasn’t well so had to go meet him. He lives in Bangladesh.
D: oh ohkay, get well soon to him.

Example 4

Sarah : What’s the plan for today?
Dan: nothing, staying oof today.
Sarah: why?
Dan: Fell from the stairs. Got my ankle twisted last night.
Sarah: oh that sucks! Enjoy the holiday though.
Dan: right, with a broken leg?

Example 5

Fiz: I am oof for a week.Do you think you could complete my presentation ?
Tee: sure no problem.
Fiz: Why are you oof for a week?
Tee: I’ll tell you when I get back.
Fiz: okay sure thing.

Example 6

Wes: The boss is oof for a month.
Faiz: Is that good news or bad news?
Wes: Good of course.
Faiz: How?
Wes: Longer break hours for me=p
Faiz: ha ha, good for you=p I have a better reason to be happy.
Wes: And what’s that?
Faiz: No extra work right before it’s time to go home.
Wes: I swear! That IS a better reason. We should tell boss to be oof more often.
Faiz: I dare you=p when he’s back from this trip, you have to tell him this.

Example 7

Husband: Honey, I am oof for a bit and heading home, do you need anything?
Wife: You are such a life saver. There’s no pasta at home. Do you think you could grab a packet from Target on your way home?
Husband: Sure honey.
Wife: <3

Example 8

Taz: Honey, are you in office or oof?
Tee: In office, why what happened?
Taz: I was taking a shower and I thought it was you.
Tee: What? Lock yourself up in the room. I’m coming home.

Example 9

Blair: Jenny, get an A4 size sheet from your office. I need it for my assignment.
Jenny: You’re late. I am oof now.
Blair: I need it!!!! Go back in!
Jenny: Wait I’ll get it from a stationary shop.
Blair: thanks! You’re the best sister ever!!!!!!


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