What Does OOAK Stand For

OOAK stands for ‘One Of A Kind’. People use it popularly on social networking websites and also when exchanging text messages. Using OOAK is another way of saying that ‘this person, thing, topic, is something that is very unique and has not seen before’. Mostly, people use it with reference to products when they are selling something unique. And when it is used for a person, OOAK is always seen as a way of appreciating their presence in your life.

How to Use OOAK in Conversation?

According to the trends seen online, OOAK is used for Product description and for appreciation of a person as mentioned earlier. Let’s look at examples how you can use OOAK for Product description and personal appreciation.

Examples for OOAK When Describing a Product

Example 1

You have a product that you need to sell. This is how you use the acronym OOAK to describe it.

‘The for this set of gadgets is OOAK and you will never find anything like this ever in your life. Getting a laptop, a usb device and a power bank, all in such an amazing deal, this could be it for you. Avail this offer right a way.’

Example 2

The products we share are OOAK. You will not see the same quality in such a reasonable price. So buy now to take advantage of this great introductory price.

Example 3

Did you know that the products on website xyz are OOAK. I have never seen such products at these prices. There has to be something about the products which are so good to look at and are available in so many colors.

Example 4

Friend 1: Guys, I purchased this really cool laptop, and the same day I got a gift from my parents, which was the same laptop. If anyone of you is interested in purchasing it let me know.
Friend 2: Keep both, why sell?
Friend 1: I can use the money to get a new phone. The laptop is OOAK, you must check out the specs, if interested should I email you the specification?
Friend 2: Yeah, send me the specs, I had to buy a new laptop for a very long time. If you are saying its OOAK, I am sure it must be something great.
Friend 1: It is.

Examples for OOAK When Appreciating a Person

When we have someone in our lives, whom we feel is probably the best, we might use OOAK to describe them. Even if it is our children who trouble us to such an extent that it makes us cry, but we will still call them OOAK and love them even more.

Example 1

H: My kids have been troubling me all night long. I haven’t slept in three weeks. Help me!
G: Mine are exactly the same, they don’t even let me breathe for a minute.OOAK I must say. The kids these days are keeping their parents on their toes. I wonder what will happen after I have my second baby.
H: God help you! Lol!

Example 2

Friend 1: you think you could help me with the assignment tomorrow? I haven’t done a word.
Friend 2: *sends a picture of an extra assignment*
Friend 1: You know you’re OOAK. I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend!
Friend 2: <3

Example 3

“ I was on my home from school today, and I saw this young man, helping his grandparents cross the road. He really was OOAK. It has been pretty long since I have seen someone hold their grandparents’ hands with so much love. If you have your grandparents alive today, please, visit them, hold their hand, and let them know that they are loved.’

Example 4

‘My parents are definitely OOAK. I told them I could not make it for the Christmas break because I was low on cash and I needed to work extra hours for my tuition. Do you know what they did? They booked me a seat for the next flight home and sent me the ticket as a gift. Who does this? I love my parents! I AM THE HAPPIEST GIRL!’

OOAK or ooak?

Internet Slang is called slang for a reason. There are no English Language rules when using internet jargons on the internet or for text messaging. So when you are typing OOAK, you don’t need to be careful or particular about all upper case or all lower case. The basic purpose of an internet jargon is to save time and be a part of the social internet culture. And because it is understood by everyone using the internet, they will understand the meaning whether you type OOAK or ooak. You can always use the internet jargons in informal and casual settings the way you like. And never, ever, use these in professional settings where you have a very formal relationship with the people you are talking to.

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