What Does MWF Stand For

MWF has two meanings attached to it, the first is ‘Married White Female’, and the second one is ‘Monday Wednesday Friday’. MWF is an acronym popularly used on the internet not just on the social networking websites but also when text messaging someone, or when replying to someone’s query over the internet.

What is the Meaning of MWF and How is it Used

MWF, as mentioned earlier, has two meanings and is used in both senses by many users.

  1. Married White Female
  2. Monday Wednesday Friday

Married White Female

Here, MWF, is basically an explanation, or a description of your ‘about me’, when you make a profile online maybe or when someone over the internet who does not know you asks you about who you are, this could be a short way of introducing yourself where you let them know that you are a ‘married white female’. This use of MWF is commonly seen on the apps where social networking is the main idea. People interact with one another, and this acronym, MWF could be the best shortest reply. If you notice on social networking websites and applications, you will notice that women who perfectly fit on this description have used the acronym MWF to describe themselves in the shortest possible way.

Why Would Anyone Use an Acronym for Their Description?

Well, while describing yourself could require more words, but unfortunately or fortunately, there are some apps where you cannot write too many words for your ‘about me’ or the space they provide for ‘description’ is not enough for you to write everything about you. So to make it short, precise and give enough information to the reader, people use MWF which pretty much works efficiently and enough for the reader to understand that the profile is of a married white female.

Another reason why people might use the acronym to describe their marital status, their gender, and their color, is, that they want to write something else that is more important to write over their profile, than using the words to explain these three things as mentioned. Say, for instance, you are making a public profile for a cause and need to tell people the reason why you made this profile. So, you would describe yourself in this short way by writing MWF and using the rest of the words writing something more important that the reader or the visitor to your profile should know.

Example of MWF for Married White Female

Example 1

You meet someone on social media or an app for strangers. This is how a conversation goes between the two.
G: Hi, I am an MWF, What about you?
H: Hello, same for me.

Example 2

You are making a profile on Instagram for a charity club that you are about to start. And because the space for description is pretty short on Instagram, this is how you write down your description or about me.

‘MWF… working and aiming to bring a lot of good to the world through this forum. Join hands with me for charity events for helping orphans live a better life.’

MWF for Monday Wednesday Friday

MWF is commonly used as a short form for specific days. This is not only practiced in the written form of conversation over the internet, but this is also used when communicating with people orally. The most common example for this is when you want to know when your classes are or when the classes for someone else is, or when the doctor you want to visit sits at the hospital nearest to your location, the answer for these could be said in an acronym form. Say for instance, that your doctor, that you need to visit, sits at the hospital near you, only on Monday Wednesday Friday, so instead of saying the names of these days, there is a possibility that the receptionist would use the acronym, MWF. Where the receptionist is keeping the conversation short and is informing you clearly what days you can visit the doctor of your concern.

In the same way, you can use other acronyms for different days. Say, for Tuesday Thursday Friday, you can say TTF. Or for Monday Tuesday Saturday, you can use the acronym MTS.

Examples for MWF for Monday Wednesday Friday

Example 1

You go to a hospital, and you are inquiring about a doctor from the receptionist.

You: Hi, May I please know if Dr.XYZ is available today?
Receptionist: I’m sorry, He will be available only on MWF. You can visit again on any of these days.
You: Oh ohkay, thank you. Can I get an appointment for the coming Friday?
Receptionist: Sure. Here is your appointment token.
You: Thank You!

Example 2

You can also use this acronym when talking to friends.

H: When are we meeting?
G: Not today.
H: Then?
G: Wednesday.
H: I have classes, MWF, so Wednesday is out of question.
G: Forget it then!
H: -_-


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