What Does MTFBWY Stand For

‘MTFBWY’ stands for ‘May The Force Be With You’, which is used as an alternate expression when you have to wish someone ‘good luck’ or ‘best of luck’. Many people use this internet slang when talking to someone over text messaging or on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Should MTFBWY be in All Caps?

Not necessarily. You can write MTFBWY in all caps as well as all lower case alphabets. It will not change the meaning of the acronym. If you want to add emphasis on the expression, you might as well add periods in between each alphabet to make it sound more prominent. For instance, writing M.T.F.B.W.Y.

The phrase is also used in a number of memes to make it sound more funny to the people you are wishing luck to. People add picture stills from movies to add humor to the expression.

When should I use MTFBWY?

From what the trends on social networking websites reveal, people usually use the abbreviation MTFBW when they have to wish someone good luck for something they are about to do. For instance, one of your friends tells you that they have an interview with a huge company, your reply could be MTFBWY, which would mean best of luck for the interview in other words. So whenever you have to wish someone luck, you can use the internet slang MTFBWY.

Let’s look at some examples of MTFBWY, to help you understand where you can use it and where you should never use it.

Examples for MTFBWY

Example 1

You were home alone for the weekend and you didn’t know your parents were coming back home soon, so you planned a party for your friends and invited them over for the weekend. Little did you know that you will probably have a broken window by the end of the day because of some dudes who started to fight during the party. Now you are super worried as to how your parents will respond to this. And knowing that they are coming back on Sunday, that is tomorrow, you won’t have enough time to get it repaired. In such a situation, your friend, to wish you luck, will say MTFBWY to help you feel a tiny bit less scared to face the parents.

Example 2

H: guys! I just did something and Idk how my husband would react to it.
T: What did you do?
H: I bought us a cat. He hates cats.
T: No you didn’t!
H: I did!
H: I swear I hope it is! I am so scared to what his reaction would be. What if he says we can’t keep it?
T: Yeah there are high chances of that!

Example 3

Y: I missed my 10 a.m. class, and that was the fourth off for this month. The professor will not let me take the exam.I am doomed.
H: Umm, why did you miss four classes this month? For the same time slot and the same subject?
Y: Well, yeah, I couldn’t wake up every time *nervous tone* and I didn’t know every week that it would happen again.
H: And it did.
Y: Yeah! What do I do now? HELP!
H: Professor Z is pretty strict about the attendance, I don’t think I can do much about this except one thing.
Y: What?
Y: -_-

Example 4

P: The boss is on a round. Where are you?
T: I am stuck in traffic dude! Why is he on a round today? He never takes a round unannounced.
P: Surprise visit.
T: This sucks! I am going to be on his hit list after he sees I am not at my desk.
P: He will be super pissed. Can’t you run yourself to work?
T: I am not a superman!
P: then MTFBWY, my friend. Because he just entered our floor. Leaving the phone. Text you once he’s gone.

Example 5

Your mother-in-law trusted with you her pet dog and left him at your house for a month as she had to go abroad for her health. You were pretty responsible with the dog, giving him food on time and taking care of him for most of the day. But one day, when you came back home from work, you noticed that the window was open and the dog was nowhere to be seen. You get super panicked and message your friend telling her about what just happened. You both look for the dog for a good two and a half hours, but still, don’t find him.

You: I am doomed!
Gale: Don’t worry, he will come back to you.
You: He doesn’t know the way to this house, my mother-in-law will kill me.
Gale: don’t worry you have time till she comes back, we’ll find him.
You: I just got a text from my husband saying she’s coming back tomorrow.
Gale: MTFBWY my friend, MTFBWY.


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