What Does ISTG Stand For

ISTG stands for ‘I swear to God’, and is used as an expression when someone does not believe what you are saying or when you have to express the same level of disappointment. All the young teenagers and adults, who are active users of the internet, use such internet slangs when communicating with each other through text message or exchange of comments on social networking websites.

There are a few ways in which ISTG is used when communicating on any online forum, whether it is text messaging, email or status updates.

  1. When you have to convey something very important to someone and they don’t believe you, you might use ISTG to tell them you are not lying. Using ISTG is your way of telling them that what you just told them was the truth. This often happens amongst friends, when one friend tells the other something about what they did, and the other friend won’t believe them. For example:
    H: I am going to Turkey tomorrow with my cousins.
    T: Liar! You will never get the permission.
    H: Fortunately, and luckily, I did this time. My cousin convinced my dad, told him that it’s her last birthday before her wedding and she wants all her cousins to be there.
    T: LIAR!
    H: *laughing* ISTG, go ask my dad.
    T: Swear to God!
    H: I just did! ISTG I am not lying, I am going to Turkey.
    T: Why are you laughing then?
    H: Because you don’t believe that I am going.
  2. Another sense in which people use ISTG is when they want to show their agreement to what someone just said. Just how we use ‘I know right’, abbreviated as ikr, we can also use ISTG as a replacement for ikr. For example:
    Kyle: Did you know that our office has added extra hours to attain the benefits?
    Hailey: yes I did, that totally sucks.
    Kyle: ISTG it sucks! If I had known earlier I wouldn’t have even opted for this firm. They cannot misuse our loyalty like this.
    Hailey: ISTG, I was just thinking about the time when I had got my job interviews and this was my second one. I should have gone for the first company.
    Kyle: Well well, what’s done is done. Let’s hope for the best until we are here.
    Hailey: Yeah, for the both of us.
  3. When we are angry, we often use swear words or phrases like WTF, to show our anger or actions. Similarly, we can also use ISTG, when we are angry, to show our level of disappointment or anger. .Say, for example, that you and your sister share the room, and you hate the fact that she takes away all your good clothes every time you go for your class. This time, things just got over the top and you start creating a scene at home. This is how you react:
    You: MOM! She did it again! Where is my blue shirt? I have a presentation today and I can’t find it! Gosh! I hate sharing the room with her! I need locks on my cupboard ASAP.
    Sister: Here you go.*Throws the shirt for you to catch*
    You: OMG! It’s dirty! You didn’t even wash it after you used it? ISTG you get into my closet one more time and I am going to cut all your clothes into pieces.
    Sister: Oh that sounds great, that means I will ONLY be wearing your clothes after that happens.
    You: ISTG I WILL do it, don’t piss me off. Go away now.
    In the example above, we didn’t only use the acronym ISTG as a way to show our anger, but we also used it as a threat to what we intended to say. For example in this example when one of the sisters said ‘ISTG I will’, this was a threat in a way, that ‘try me and I will do it’.
  1. Another very important way in which people around the internet are seen using this internet jargon as is when they are literally making a promise to someone that they won’t do something again, or will listen to them or will simply become better at what they do. You could be using this with your friends, your spouse or even your parents when you are trying to get permission for something and they just wouldn’t agree. For example:
    Friend 1: I am never making a plan with you ever again.
    Friend 2: I am sorry I forgot that we had a plan this weekend. ISTG I didn’t do it on purpose.
    Friend 1: You do this every time, and this time it just got too much man, it was my birthday.
    Friend 2: ISTG I won’t do it again. Don’t be upset. I promise I’ll make up for this.
    Friend 1: How? By ditching me again next month?
    Friend 2: What’s next month?
    Friend 1: Exactly what I meant! It’s my graduation.
    Friend 2: *remains quiet*
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