What Does GTG Stand For?

GTG stands for ‘Got To Go’’ It is used popularly on the social media by people belonging to all age groups, including teenagers and young adults. People also use GTG in text messages and chats. It is used when you have to end the conversation here and have to go, i.e. go offline since it is written in text conversations.

When To Use GTG?

I have used this acronym all my ‘internet’ life. I usually messaged my friends quick and short message saying GTG whenever I had to go offline.You can use it in the same context too.Whenever you have to get offline, or have to leave in the middle of an online conversation because of whatever reason, you can send the acronym GTG to your friends or family.

Other Acronyms Like GTG

There are a few more acronyms like GTG which are used when you have to go offline in the middle of the conversation, or simply when you have end any conversation that is taking place on any of the social media forums.

  • TTYL, which stands for ‘talk to you later’, is also used when you are ending an online conversation. Whether it is a text message or a chat on any of the social networking websites.For instance,if you have to leave a chat you can say ‘Hey, I gtg now.’ or, can say, ‘hey, ttyl’.You can use ttyl and gtg both in one sentence as well. For instance, saying ‘Hey, I gtg, ttyl’
  • Another acronym, which is commonly used on the internet just like GTG, is BRB. BRB stands for be right back, which is more like a short break from the conversation that you take because you have to be somewhere. For example, saying ‘brb mothers calling’.
  • And one of my most favorite acronyms which can be used in place of GTG, is TTFN. TTFN stands for Ta Ta For Now.

How To Use GTG?

The following examples will help you give an idea of how you can use GTG.But before that, here is what you need to be very sure of. Acronyms, especially internet slang that the generation today uses very often, can be written both in upper and lower case. There is no rule of thumb here that these internet slang must be written in all capitals. So you can write gtg, or GTG or even G.T.G, the meaning shall remain the same for all of these, that is, ‘got to go’.

Examples of GTG

Example 1

Jake: Hey, What’s up?
Jill: nothing much, just doing my assignment. You tell?
Jake: Just had my dinner. Now keeping my things ready for tomorrow.
Jill: Where you off to?
Jake: Going to the UK for a month. And that reminds me I have to pick my passport from my consultant. GTG. See you later.

Example 2

Hailey: Is anyone going to the concert tomorrow?
Jen: What? There is a concert? And I don’t know about it why?
Hailey: How would I know? I have been asking everyone to come, I want to go with my friends.-_-
Jen: GTG. Going buying the tickets right now.

Example 3

‘Hey Mom, hope you are doing great. I will be going abroad for a month for my office work. I was trying to reach you but you phone was switched off and nobody picked the landline.I am leaving tonight. My phone will be switched off there, so don’t worry if you can’t contact me. I’ll call you as soon as I reach. Anyways, GTG now, love you mom.’

Example 4

You can also put up a status using this acronym.

“Hi everyone, hope you all are doing great. Just here to inform you that I am selling my laptop and my computer system. If you are interested in buying, or know someone who would be, DM (direct message) me. GTG now, see you later!”

Example 5

Fiz: Tee?
Fiz: TEE!!
Fiz: TEEEE!!!!
Tee: WHAT!!!!
Fiz: Urgently need a back up plan for school. I cannot go to New York. My parents are forcing me to joining NYU. It is not what I wanted. I want to join CMU, that has been dream college ever since!
Tee: umm talk to them? Tell them I will also be going to CMU. Maybe they would let you go then?
Fiz: You are? Why did I not know this?
Tee: because I just decided this=p Spoke to my parents, they don’t mind my choice, after all, I have to do the degree.
Fiz: okay,gtg then. Let me talk to them then. Fingers crossed.
Tee: Best of Luck.

Example 6

P: What do you think about this one?
G: Too dull, wear something bright.
P: I am not a bright color person.
G: How about this?
P: Moms calling GTG.
G: But tell me first!!!!!
G: ???
G: Come back right now -_-


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