What Does ‘Fam’ Mean?

‘Fam’ is a slang for the word ‘family’. Teenagers and young adults, both age groups use this short form of family when using the social media forums and when text messaging. It basically refers to the people who are close to you, including your siblings, parents and even close friends in the list.

How Should the Word ‘Fam’ Be Used?

There are so many ways in which people who are regular users of the internet, use the word ‘fam’ in their posts. Whether it is a status update on Facebook, or it is a picture update on Instagram. You can use it on all social media forums, in the form of hash tags, captions, messages or even in comments by tagging your ‘fam’.

Writing In All Capitals or Lower Case?

FAM, Fam and fam, do you see any difference amongst the three ‘fams’? Whether you write it all in upper case or in lower case, or in both forms, it does NOT change the meaning of the word. Fam remains fam. Many internet jargons, including fam, and others like imy, lml, lol, and kms, do not change in meaning unless and until you change the alphabets order, or the alphabet completely. Upper cases and lower cases, are mostly used just to add an emphasis on the word.

How to Use the slang word ‘Fam’ in a Conversation?

Easy! Read the following examples to understand how you can use the slang word ‘fam’ in your messages, your pictures, captions for your pictures, status updates and even on your Facebook wall. Remember one thing when writing ‘fam’, it is basically a short word for ‘family’, so whenever and wherever you need to use the word ‘family’, you can simply replace it with ‘fam’.

Examples for ‘fam’

Example 1

You just had an amazing weekend with your ‘fam’. And you clicked a groupie (a picture of yourself is called a selfie, while a one taken with a group is a groupie, as we know it). And now, you upload that picture on Instagram. For the caption, you can use hash tag #fam. Or even write #famjam. FamJam, one of the most trending hash tags on instagram and other social networks. People put up pictures of their families and add this hash tag to show that they are having some great time with their loved ones. Jam here is for jamming.

Another way of captioning your picture would be to write a short note, for instance, ‘had the best weekend with my fam. Love them to bits’. Or, you can write ‘ my fam is better than yours <3’, or, ‘Weekend vibes with the FAM!’.

Example 2

Many social networking applications have inbuilt editing options where you can write text over your pictures. For example, you just met your best friend after a month as she had gone abroad for an exchange program. You add a snapchat story with her, which has this written over it, ‘ bestfriend<3 #fam #missed #love’.

The way you want to write your captions is all up to you. You can get hold of the best words that would describe your feelings better. These are just examples of how you can use the word fam when uploading pictures in a similar content.

Example 3

Jason: Where have you been? Haven’t seen you since a while.
Tina: Hey, yeah, been busy with my fam.
Jason: I didn’t know your family lived here.
Tina: They don’t, they have come from California for my birthday.
Jason: That is sweet.
Tina: Yes they are ^-^. See you next weekend though!

Example 4

G: I thought I was your best friend before you uploaded a picture with your cousin saying ‘best friend’.
H: You still are.
G: No I am not.
H: You are actually right, you aren’t my best friend.
G: (sends a shocked smiley)
H: You are my fam.
G: auww! I love you H!
H: I love you too G!

Example 5

One of your closest friends has gone through a major loss in her life, and is super depressed. You, being her closest friend, try to console her and make her feel better. Here is what you message her.

‘I know my words cannot compensate the pain you are going through Rachel, but if you ever need to talk, you know you have your fam right here.’

Example 6

Tee: My fam is coming over for the weekend. We need to skip the party plan at my place.
Jen: What?
Tee: Yes! I am sorry. FAM over anything else.
Jen: -_-

Example 7

Ian: Do you think you can swap the next lesson with me Khalid? I need to go the airport to pick my fam up.
Khalid: Sure, don’t worry! Just send me the work that needs to be done.
Ian: Thanks a ton man! I owe you big time!
Khalid: You’re Welcome! No worries!


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