What Does DW Mean?

DW is another acronym which has more than one meaning. It stands for ‘Dear Wife’, ‘Darling Wife’ and ‘Don’t Worry’. The first two meanings for DW are often used when you are referring to your wife. Whether it is a message, or a comment on any social media forums, you can use DW, in all its meanings. DW for ‘Don’t Worry’ is mostly used as a consoling expression to tell someone everything will be fine and that need not worry about it.

How to Use DW for Dear Wife or Darling Wife

For all the married men out there, who want to refer to their wife when they are typing a message or a comment, can use DW as a short abbreviation to tell their wives that the message is for them. You, as a husband can also use the shorthand for Dear Wife or Darling Wife, that is, DW, when talking to friends about your wife. How? Let’s look at a few examples for this to help you understand it better.

Examples for DW (Dear Wife or Darling Wife)

Example 1

Situation: You are in the sitting area of your house, and your wife is in the kitchen cooking a special meal for you and the kids. And since you are not allowed in the kitchen, you message your wife this.

Husband: DW, is the dinner ready yet?
Wife: DH, it almost is. Are you really hungry? This is the 5th time you messaged.
Husband: More than hungry, I just want to watch the TV with you, it’s a weekend and you’re busy in the kitchen.
Wife: Be there in 10 minutes, I promise.

DH, in this example, stands for Darling Husband or Dear Husband. These are popularly known as the family acronyms or relationship acronyms, where you use an abbreviation for all the family members. Like DD is for Dear Daughter, DS is for Dear Son. BFF, most popular relationship acronym, that stands for ‘best friends forever’, and my favourite.

Example 2

It is your wife’s birthday, and you plan an amazing surprise for her and write down a beautiful hand written letter and place it on the side table next to her side of the bed. You can begin that letter with a DW, or write DW in the middle of the letter, or even at the end. For example,

‘DW, today is your day, and I wish for you to be happy always.’

‘You should know that you have been the most supportive person in my life DW, and I wish you stay with me forever.’

‘You , DW, are the best thing that has ever happened to me.’

So these are just a few ways in which you can use DW. You can be creative on your own and use the way you like it. It is like you are saying darling wife when you both are speaking. And in writing, you simply write DW.

Using DW to Say Don’t Worry

When someone you know is super stressed about something or someone, the words ‘Don’t Worry’ could help them calm down. It does help. Similarly, in the texting culture, you can write DW, instead of writing the full form i.e. Don’t Worry. It can be used in upper case as well as lower case. The meaning remains the same either way. The following examples will show you how exactly DW can be used in this context.

Examples for Don’t Worry (DW)

Example 1

Situation: You have a friend who always gets super stressed before her exams. And this time, she just cannot focus on her preparation because she is so stressed. So this is you encouraging her and giving her motivation through your messages.

Stressed Friend: I don’t think I will pass tomorrow’s exam. I feel like I haven’t prepared enough.
You: DW! I know you will ace it. Don’t stress too much about it.

A friend can help you get rid of your stress. I know I did. So whenever you find your friends or family in stress, sometimes all they need is a soothing message from someone they love. Tell them DW and everything will be okay.

Example 2

Situation: Your mother had given you the money for your project. And you being a clumsy cat, misplaced the money somewhere in your room and couldn’t find it. You message your best friend and ask her for her help.

You: I misplaced the money mom gave me for the Science project. I am freaking out.
Best Friend: DW! I have some extra cash, you can take it from me.
You: Thanks! But I still need to find the money. Come over and help me find it.
Best Friend: Okay I am coming in 15 minutes, DW, you’ll find it.
You: You’re the best!
Best Friend: I know! ^-^

To hear these words from a best friend does do wonders to your level of stress. It helps you calm down. So the next time your best friend is in trouble, use the magic words.


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