What Does DFTBA Mean?

DFTBA stands for ‘Don’t Forget To Be Awesome’. It is usually used to remind oneself or your friends and family to be awesome, and to give them the motivation for that moment or day. People use it over social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. DFTBA is also used in text chats.

When and Why is it used?

DFTBA is usually used to give friends and family motivation when either they are down, or need someone to remind them that they are ‘awesome’ and can achieve their goals.

So if you find yourself in doubt about your potentials, or you see that your friends or siblings or even parents are feeling a tiny bit demotivated because of their circumstances, all you need to do is send them a message that says ‘DFTBA’. And if they are as aware as you are about internet jargons, this will bring a bright smile on their face. And that is not it, they might even feel ‘awesome’ now that you have reminded them of this.

And to be honest, sometimes, this is all we need to pass the hurdles.

You can text them, email them, tag them in a post on your social network accounts or even say it to them out loud. Either way, this shorthand will give them a hope.

Let’s look at a few examples which you can use to understand how to use DFTBA in your conversation with other people.

Examples For Using DFTBA

Example 1

J: I am so nervous for my council speech today.

I: It is okay, don’t worry. You will be just fine. Just DFTBA.

Reminding someone how awesome they are can give them the courage to face the situation with more confidence.

Reading this example makes me realize that maybe if someone had sent me a ‘DFTBA’ text when I was preparing for my debate, I might have won that competition. That is how strong the impact of DFTBA can be.

Example 2

Friend 1: Do you think I should wear a black suit or a white one, I am confused. I want my interview to go perfect.

Friend 2: Why are you worrying about what colour you wear? You will be just fine. Just be confident. And DFTBA. Because you are the best they could ever hire!

Friend 1: Auw!

This is exactly what friends do, don’t they? They make you feel like you are the best thing that any company who will ever interview you, can hire. And it does make you feel awesome.

Example 3

DFTBA is not an acronym that only friends can use, your parents, can also use this internet slang to encourage you and help you get out of the nervous phase. For instance, if you are going to college or a new school for the first time, and are worried about how will you through the day without making a joke out of yourself. At such a point, if you read a message from your parents, which says ‘DFTBA’, will absolutely make you feel awesome about yourself and that your parents are so cool.

Example 4

Situation: Your friend just got divorced, and she is very upset about the whole thing. You are making her feel better, so here is how the conversation goes.

S: I cannot believe this could happen to me.

H: That is how life is you know, things happen out of the blue. And for most of the times, it is for our best interests. Don’t worry, things will get better eventually, you both simply weren’t meant to be together.

S: You’re right.

H: So smile and be content what has happened.

S: Okay, if you say so.

H: And, DFTBA.

S: ha ha, how can I forget that?

Your words, can lift someone’s mood up. And make them feel loved even when they feel their worst. Using acronyms like DFTBA to make someone who is sad, happy, can really have a positive impact on them. So try to use it when you see it can change moods. In a good way of course.

How Did DFTBA Become So Popular?

The Vlogbrothers, or most commonly known as Hank and John Green, were vloggers who used DFTBA on their youtube channel, which eventually became very popular. And since they had not trademarked it, other people and firms also began to use the acronym, calling it their own.

How Should You Use DFTBA?

As shown in the examples, you can use the internet jargon, DFTBA, at the beginning of your sentence, or at the end. It doesn’t matter. The sentence, however should make sense.

DFTBA, is a sentence in itself. So if you simply send ‘DFTBA’ in a text message or comment on the social networks, your purpose of writing DFTBA will be served, whether written with a phrase or just the acronym all on its own.

Habiba Rehman
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