What Does BTFO Stand For?

According to the trends on the internet, ‘BTFO’ could have two meanings. The first one where ‘BTFO’ stands for ‘Back The F*** Off’, and the second one being ‘Blown the F*** Out’. This acronym is being used on social media forums as well as in texting. Even though this cannot be considered as a very popular acronym, but with time, people are beginning to use this even more in their messages.

What Does ‘Back The F*** Off’ mean?

It is a more indecent way of saying move back or back off to someone who is either standing too close to you or is troubling you for no reason. And when there is no other way to stop them, you say Back The F*** Off or BTFO to them. Even if it is on social media forums where random people find you and slide into your DMs and make things difficult for you.

There are many people who use the F-word frequently in their speech. And using it on social media forums or acronyms like these, the F-word basically adds more force to the sentence that the person is trying to say. Sometimes abusive acronyms are used in a positive manner, for example, CTFU, etc. But other times, it can be used in an aggressive manner to indicate the intensity of a situation such as “AF“,etc. You can judge the difference yourself in the following example.

For instance, you are walking on the pathway and someone is continuously following you. You tell them to ‘Back off’  or you tell them to ‘Back The F*** Off’. Now which one of the two adds more power to the words? And which one seems to be more polite?

In a situation like the one I have mentioned above, being polite cannot be a solution. And that is why sometimes the intensity needs to be added by using the F-word.

Similarly, social media also has users who act as stalkers and trouble strangers. Messaging them BTFO would be a good way to let them know that you do not like what they are up to and you would like them to Back The F*** Off.

However, BTFO for Back The F*** Off cannot only be used just to show anger or annoyance. It can also be used in a friendly tone for friends or family.

Example 1:

In a group chat, you are talking to your 5 friends who were supposed to come over. And now that it is time for them to reach, you’re busy in the kitchen or are in the toilet and they have arrived. And they wouldn’t stop ringing the bell or knocking the door.  So you message in the group: ‘BTFO from the doors guys! I am coming! Stop knocking!”

Example 2:

You have a friend who loves to spam your Facebook wall all the time. So she writes a post every 5 minutes on your wall. You message them or in fact, you use their wall to write “BTFO and stop ruining my wall”.

You can notice the different tones in which BTFO can be used. And you can use it according to the situation you are in.

What Does Blown the F*** Out Mean?

Blown the F*** Out reflects the feeling when you can lose against someone in a competition or a dare maybe. It could be any sort of a game, sport or anything in which you can get ‘blown out’ by the other players in the game.

Blown the F*** Out is mostly used for such games where there are 2 or more than 2 players and where you can lose or win a game. So when you win a game, you can say ‘Blown the F*** Out’ for the other team. And vice versa can be said for you if you lose.

Example 1

Your favorite football team, call it A, has lost a huge game by 0-3 goals, against say team B. You would say:

BTFO by team B man! I hate football already!”

And BTFO cannot only be used for situations like winning or losing in games. For instance;

Example 2

“I was going out to my friends and a car passed by at such a high speed, splashing all the mud water all over. BTFO by that stupid driver.”

Here, something inconvenient happened with you so you used it BTFO in context to Blown the F*** Out, and making sense out of your sentence.

How to Differ Between the Two BTFO’s?

Since BTFO is used for both the statements, it might get very confusing for you to differentiate as to which context has the user referred to.  For this, you can keep a few pointers in mind when you come across such a confusing situation:

  1. Reread the message aloud in its full form to understand which BTFO fits the sentence or the picture here. This will help you immensely.
  2. Identify the tone. For the former, the tone is usually annoyance or anger. Whereas for the latter, it is more of a humorous tone.
  3. Still can’t clarify the meaning? Simple. Ask the sender what it means!

Habiba Rehman

Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.