Web Access for Windows 10 Desktops now Supported by Amazon WorkSpaces

WorkSpaces that are running Windows 10 now have availability of Amazon WorkSpaces Web Access that was previously available for Windows 7 only. Users can now access their Windows 10 WorkSpaces via Firefox or Chrome web browsers running on Mac OS, Windows, Linux or Chrome OS. With the availability of Web Access, users now do not have to install or download anything and can safely access their Workspace from any public computer without leaving any cached or private data behind.

Amazon WorkSpaces is a secure, managed cloud desktop service. Users can take advantage of Amazon WorkSpaces for provisioning either Linux or Windows desktops in a matter of a few minutes. They can also rapidly scale to provide thousands of workers around the globe with desktops. Amazon WorkSpaces also tend to provide users with a responsive and fast desktop of their own choice which they can access whenever they want and wherever they want, from any supported device. Also, it will also provide users with the ability to be productive on networks that may be highly restricted and in circumstances where installing a WorkSpaces client may not be an option.

Amazon WorkSpaces has several features to offer including GPU-Powered Graphics Bundles, larger root volumes, support for tagging, high-DPI devices, audio-in and saved registrations. It is also available in several regions including EU (Frankfurt) and Ireland region. The same features of Amazon WorkSpaces Web Access that were available for Windows 7 are now available for Windows 10 as well.

For enabling WorkSpaces Web Access, users simply need to visit the required registration page and enter their WorkSpace registration code and then log in with their user name and password. In case there is an existing WorkSpace, rebooting will be required and enabling from WorkSpaces admin will be also needed from AWS Console in WorkSpaces Directory Details.

This new feature is available for all new WorkSpaces which are running the Standard, Value or Performance bundles and their Plus counterparts. There are no additional charges for accessing it after it is enabled by administrator. Existing WorkSpaces however must be rebuilt and custom images have to be refreshed for taking advantage of Web Access.


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