Water Block Introduced for the Intel Arc A380

You read the title correctly!

GUNNIR was the first AIB partner to launch the Intel Arc A380. The GPU features 6GB of GDDR6 VRAM having a memory bandwidth of 15.5 Gbps running across a 96-bit bus. This monstrosity has a huge TDP of 75W. To overcome all heating issues that may arise from such a high TDP, a water block has been introduced for the Intel Arc A380.


Sarcasm aside, the Bykski I-GNA380-X GPU BLOCK is a custom water block for the A380 which is currently the only desktop model for sale. The water block, for now only supports the GUNNIR PCB model having an 8-pin connector providing up to 92W of power to the GPU (As compared to the 75W TDP). But seriously, such a GPU does not require a high end cooling solution, even if you are overclocking.

Heat dissipation of the Bykski I-GNA380-X GPU BLOCK

The deisgn is rather interesting and features all major RGB technologies from board partners. The icing on the cake is the fact that it ships with a matte-black backplate.

Those interested about the pricing, the Bykski I-GNA380-X GPU BLOCK is priced at 688 RMB or ~$100 which is almost half the price of the Arc A380 in China (~$190) and nearly equal to the rumoured global price of $129.


Abdullah Faisal
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