Watch Dogs Legion Source Code Worth 558.33 GB Has Leaked Online

Watch Dogs just got Watch Dogged

You will have a hard time believing it, but well Watch Dogs Legion source code has leaked on private trackers. The data worth 558.33 GB was first spotted by 4chan members, after which it has become a global headline. As of yet, there is no statement from Ubisoft on the matter; however, we all had seen it coming.

Last month a ransomware gang, Egreror claimed that they had hacked the source code for Watch Dogs Legion. Reports proposed that they asked Ubisoft for ransom. However, they were ignored. Egreror warned that if Ubisoft did not contact them, they would publicly upload the source code, which they did.

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So what does this leak mean? Well, as we have seen numerous times in the past. Anyone can compile this code and redesign the entire game. This is nowhere good news for Ubisoft, and they can face a lot of harm in the future. On the off chance that Ubisoft overlooked them from the start, there must be solid reasoning behind it. For instance, what if the source code is for an earlier build and means nothing? In any case, we’ll hang tight for what Ubisoft says about it.

This isn’t the first time a game source code has leaked. Very recently, Microsoft and Xbox were the victims. Thankfully, the thing didn’t escalate far and ended well. Other than this, Valve has been a consistent victim. Team Fortress 2, CS:GO, and Half-Life 2 all had their source codes leak, on which Valve community manager commented: “I woke up to armageddon occurring in the Valve community.”


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