Watch Dogs: Legion Online Multiplayer Launches March 9th

Following a delay, the online multiplayer component of Watch Dogs: Legion now has a release date for next month. Originally scheduled for release in 2020, the online co-op and PvP modes will now be out for all owners of the game on March 9th.

Watch Dogs: Legion Online

The Watch Dogs: Legion online mode gives players access to the streets of London in a free-roam, open world setting. Upon release, players will also have access to four new online game modes. The multiplayer part of the game is separate from the campaign, so players starting off will have to recruit new operatives. Unlike story mode, recruitment is a speedy process and require Influence Points.

Influence Points

These points can also be used to upgrade your hacks, gadgets, and weapons. Watch Dogs: Legion online has a seasonal ranking system, and progressing through the levels will reward players with Influence Points. Players can increase their rank by completing challenges and assignments. Cosmetic rewards can also be unlocked by ranking up.

Co-op Missions

One of the new online modes coming in March are cooperative missions played by two to four players. Tactical Ops are co-op missions in which players will have to “strategize and communicate effectively with their teammates” in order to win. If any one player is killed, the entire team has to restart the mission. The first of five tactical ops mission coming to Watch Dogs: Legion is called “Leader of the Pack.” 


Also included upon launch is a PvP mode called Spiderbot Arena. In this mode, four players take control of weaponized spider drones in a deathmatch format. It’s a fast-paced mode with killstreaks and powerful weapons which can be obtained by picking up mystery boxes.

Watch Dogs: Legions online multiplayer update hits Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on March 9th. The update is free for all owners of the game and Ubisoft says they have a lot more planned for the online mode throughout 2021.


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