Warner Bros. Montreal Might Have Multiple DC Universe Games Lined Up For 2019

Sefton Hill, Game Director at Rocksteady, confirmed in a tweet that the title they are currently developing is not Superman. He also says that the studio won’t be making an announcement at The Game Awards 2018, hinting that their next release is quite far off. As far as other Warner Bros. titles are concerned, a WB Games Montreal employee’s LinkedIn profile suggests that a DC Universe game might be headed our way next year.

Spotted by ResetEra member est1992, a 3D animator currently employed at WB Games Montreal lists “Project 2019”, alongside Injustice 2 in their LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn profiles of other employees from the same studio indicate that two new unannounced projects are in the works.

New Project
New Project

It was confirmed a while ago that Warner Bros. Montreal is working on two major DC games, one of which might feature a multiplayer element. A short while ago, WB Montreal was seeking a Lead Gameplay Programmer, specifically one with experience in shipping an AAA console game with multiplayer. Another LinkedIn listing from last year called for an Unreal Engine 4 based co-op open world DC game.

There was also a rumor flying around that claimed WB Montreal is developing a Suicide Squad game and a  Batman game surrounding Damian Wayne. The former was cancelled before its scheduled announcement at TGA, and the latter was reportedly rebooted in 2016.

According to a concept art leak and some easter eggs found in Arkham Knight, WB Montreal was working on a Superman game, which has evidently been cancelled.

Superman Concept Art
Superman Concept Art

Another LinkedIn listing for the DC game mentioned earlier calls for a technical artist skilled in ‘characters, weapons, and vehicles’.

It has been a long while since Rocksteady launched a DC game, and their involvement in this project is still hazy. WB Montreal’s most recent release was a DLC for Batman: Arkham City all the way back in 2015, which means we should be expecting an announcement soon.

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