Waiting for Spotify To Launch In India? You Will Need To Wait A Bit Longer

Spotify’s launch in India is something which people are looking forward to since a long time. There were a number of hints since the past one year hinting towards an Indian launch. Recently, it was announced that Spotify willl be launching in India today, 31st January. However, it seems Indians might need to wait a little longer.

Spotify in India – So Close Yet So Far

As Variety reports, “That launch was postponed within the past few days, according to a source close to the situation, with a new date slated for either February or March.” There are multiple reasons for the delay. While some of them are hinting towards Spotify’s inability to seal deals with three major labels – Sony, Universal and Warner. That seems unlikely. The reason for that is that Spotify had already sealed a deal with T-series, which would bring enough content for the users. So postponing the launch because of this doesn’t add up.

Variety adds that a Spotify employee refused to comment on this matter.The Indian streaming service is pretty crowded with a number of competitive options. Spotify’s India launch was eagerly awaited however. One of the reason for that was the better availability of international songs on Spotify.

Moreover, users had to resort to methods like VPN and stuff to use Spotify in India. That made it a hassle, and on top of that, the pricing was US-based only, so obviously it was expensive. Since there is no official information about the whole release, waiting is our best bet as of now.

Md Armughanuddin

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