Visual Studio 2019 Announced

Microsoft announced the next release of Visual Studio that is the Visual Studio 2019. The company is still in the planning phase of Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio Mac. Microsoft in its official blog has mentioned that they will remain committed so as to make the Visual Studio more faster, reliable and productive for individuals as well as teams, making it easier to use and get started with.

Developers can now expect better refactorings, better navigation and capabilities in the debugger, faster solution load and faster builds in the upcoming of the latest Visual Studio 2019. The company is also working on making improvements to capabilities such as Live Share that will go on to enable developers so as to collaborate in real time, Al-powered Intellicode and many more. Microsoft also states that they will make it easier for you to work with the online source repositories like GitHub easier.

Microsoft states,

“Our goal with this next release is to make it a simple, easy upgrade for everyone – for example, Visual Studio 2019 previews will install side by side with Visual Studio 2017 and won’t require a major operating system upgrade.”

Now you will be able to install Visual Studio 2019 side by side with Visual Studio 2017, and no major operating system upgrade will be required. There is, however, no specific timeline on when Visual Studio 2019 will be released, however, we expect that the preview release will be coming within few months.

Tahseen Jamil

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