FIX: VideoWave Has Stopped Working

Roxio Creator NXT Pro is an application suite that contains a number of different programs, all of which have to do with DVD burning. Roxio Creator NXT Pro is one of the absolute best DVD burning suites out there, and among the various programs that it contains is VideoWave – an application that allows users to work with video files. Back in 2013, many users of Roxio Creator NXT Pro started experiencing an irritating issue where they would receive an error message stating “VideoWave has stopped” every time they tried to launch VideoWave or MyDVD from the Roxio Creator NXT Pro suite.

After receiving the error message, an affected user would have no choice but to close the program they tried to launch – meaning that affected users simply lose their ability to launch and use VideoWave and MyDVD. This problem is especially common among Windows 7 users, although it has been known to affect all versions of the Windows OS. Seeing as though VideoWave and MyDVD are extremely important programs included in the Roxio Creator NXT Pro suite, this is quite a significant problem.

Thankfully for anyone affected by this issue, it is entirely fixable, and all one needs to do is uninstall Roxio Creator NXT Pro, reinstall DirectX, MSXML 4.0 and the Microsoft .NET Framework, and then reinstall the Creator NXT Pro suite. Here’s a complete set of instructions for resolving this problem:

Hold the Windows Key and Press R. Type appwiz.cpl and Click OK.

In the list of installed programs, locate and right-click on Roxio Creator NXT Pro.

Click on Uninstall in the contextual menu.

Confirm the action and go through the Roxio Creator NXT Pro uninstallation wizard to the very end.

Press Windows Logo key + R to open a Run

Type %temp% into the Run dialog and press Enter.2016-03-28_224628

Press Ctrl + A to select all of the files and folders in the Temp. Press Delete.

Confirm the action in the consequent popup.

Temporary disable any and all third-party firewall and antivirus programs. You can enable them once you have performed all of the steps listed here.

Reinstall DirectX using the setup found here.

Reinstall MSXML 4.0 using the setup found here.

Repeat steps 13.

This time, in the list of installed programs, locate and right-click on Microsoft .NET Framework.

Click on Uninstall.

Confirm the action and follow the uninstallation wizard through to the very end.

Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework using the setup found here.

Reinstall the Roxio Creator NXT Pro suite, and you should no longer receive the “VideoWave has stopped working” error message when launching VideoWave or MyDVD.


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FIX: VideoWave Has Stopped Working

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