VELOCIFIRE M2 WIRELESS MK (TKL61WS) Mechanical Keyboard Review

VELOCIFIRE is one of those brands who aim to change the mechanical keyboard industrial standards by providing low-priced high-quality mechanical keyboards and its related components. On the company’s website, there are around fifteen keyboards and a couple of other products like keycaps, keyboard pouch, etc.

VELOCIFIRE M2 (TKL61WS) Mechanical Keyboard
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Most of their keyboards hover around $50 to $70 price range which makes them extremely competitive to mainstream mechanical keyboards in the market from manufacturers like RAZER, CORSAIR, Logitech, etc. Moreover, each new keyboard model provides innovative features that were not present in the previous models.

The perfect 60% Mechanical Keyboard for everyone!

Today, we have the VELOCIFIRE M2 with us, which is the latest release of the company and provides many new features like Bluetooth connectivity, per-key RGB lighting, and hot-swappable board. It is a 60% keyboard, which means that it has only 61 keys. The keyboard has an MSRP of $70, although it is currently available at $50. That makes it one of the cheapest RGB mechanical keyboards in the world right now, which is just impeccable. In this article, we will be reviewing the VELOCIFIRE M2 in detail and see how it lines up for gamers and typists.

The box contents are as follows:

  • VELOCIFIRE M2 Keyboard
  • USB Type-A to Type-C cable
  • Instructions
  • Keycap puller
  • Switch puller

Design & Closer Look

VELOCIFIRE M2 is a 60% keyboard and surprisingly a lot of people nowadays prefer using 60% keyboards instead of tenkeyless or full-sized keyboards. The advantage of a 60% keyboard is that you can easily carry it around and such keyboards are often cheaper than their full-sized alternatives. Moreover, it saves a lot of space on the desk. As for the design of the keyboard is concerned, the chassis of the keyboard is made of plastic, is black in colour and it is a sandwich case, where the upper part of the case can be removed too, providing the floating-switch design.

Minimalist Design
Hot-Swappable key switches

There is a VELOCIFIRE logo at the front bottom right side of the keyboard, which is a great decision by the company, as most manufacturers use their logo at the front of the keyboard, ruining the looks. There is a USB Type-C port at the top centre of the keyboard, which allows the keyboard to be used in wired mode while you can connect it wirelessly through Bluetooth. There are four feet at the bottom of the keyboard for preventing it to be slipped while there is a DIP switch at the bottom as well, from where you can turn off the keyboard.

The board of the keyboard provides hot-swap sockets called holtites and the company has used SMD RGB LEDs on the board so that you can use these hot-swap sockets and swap the switches of the keyboard. These hot-swap sockets only support Outemu switches however and you cannot use other MX-style switches like Cherry, Kailh, Gateron, etc. The keyboard does not come with additional switches and if you want to change the Outemu Brown switches, you will have to buy the additional switches and then replace them. As for the positioning plate, the manufacturer has used a metal positioning plate, which greatly reduces the flex in the keyboard and also improves the acoustic profile of the keyboard.


Previously, all the keyboards from the company came with USB receiver, allowing the user to use the keyboard wirelessly, however, VELOCIFIRE M2 uses Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. This allows the user to connect the keyboard to Bluetooth devices such as tablets, mobile phones, etc. Moreover, the M2 supports Apple’s macOS along with Microsoft’s Windows making it the best all in one keyboard for all platforms. The keyboard has a USB Type-C port at the top side which enables the user to use the keyboard in wired mode as well. For gamers, the wired mode is definitely going to be much better than wireless connectivity because the latency of Bluetooth connection is higher than that of the wired connectivity. Still, you can play casual games just fine on the keyboard when using it in wireless mode.

Type-C Wired Connectivity

Switches & Stabilizers

Satisfactory key stabilizers implementation

VELOCIFIRE M2 comes with very unique switches. These are the latest revision of Outemu Brown switches and there is a box-like structure around the ‘+’ sign, which seems to be increasing the life of switches by preventing dust from coming inside the switch. The keyboard comes with only Outemu Brown switches but since the board of the keyboard has Outemu hot-swap sockets, you can buy other Outemu switches like Outemu Reds or Outemu Blues and swap the current switches easily.

The Outemu Brown switches have an actuation force of 55 grams, which is a bit higher than the Cherry MX Brown switches which are rated at 45 grams of force. This force difference won’t be noticeable much but the tolerance rates of these switches are also high usually, which makes them slightly inconsistent across the board. The Cherry brown switches, on the other hand, suffer from scratchiness and Outemu switches are surely better in terms of smoothness.

As for the stabilizers are concerned, the quality of the stabilizers is sub-par because these are the same stabilizers that are used by most manufacturers of keyboards. These are plate-mount stabilizers and although they are not as rattly as most keyboards, you should definitely use lubrication if you want to improve the overall typing experience.


The keycaps of the keyboard are very exceptional and it is not often that you see such high-end keycaps in mainstream keyboards. In fact, most gaming keyboards use thin cheap-quality keycaps which ruin the typing experience. Moreover, such keycaps are usually lasered ABS keycaps, where legends are rubbed-off after some time. This cannot happen with the keycaps of VELOCIFIRE M2, on the other hand. The keyboard uses DoubleShot ABS shine-through keycaps, which feel highly better than the keycaps of other keyboards. The thickness of the keycaps is also much more than other keycaps, almost double that of mainstream keyboard keycaps.

These are still ABS keycaps, however. This means that although the legends won’t fade away, the rough texture of the keycaps will fade away after some time. There is an optional purchase with the keyboard though, through which you can buy a set of few PBT keycaps and there are multiple options available. This also increases the price of the keyboard by a couple of bucks.

Keyboard Lighting

RGB for the win!

One of the best things about the VELOCIFIRE M2 is that it provides individual-key RGB lighting and the company has used SMD RGB LEDs on the board for the implementation of RGB lighting.

The SMD LEDs allow the switches to be removed without desoldering the LEDs and with the use of regular LEDs, you would not be able to swap the switches. The positioning plate of the keyboard is black, which is why the RGB lighting is not that reflective, however, there are tons of customizable lighting effects which we will be discussing in the software application section below.


Software Application

This is one of the first keyboards from VELOCIFIRE that provides software customization and that enables the user to perform customization with ease. First of all, the software is extremely simple and has limited options. The user must be using the keyboard in the wired mode in order to use the software. There are four tabs in the software.

Software – Home Screen

The first tab is Customization, where you can remap the keys of the whole keyboard. This is an awesome feature for those who want to customize the layout of the keyboard.

The second tab is Lighting tab that provides lighting customization and the user is presented with more than fifteen options for customization such as static, glittering, falling, breath, rolling, pulsating, etc. You can also customize the parameters of lighting i.e. speed, direction, brightness, and colour.

Software – Lighting Tab

The third tab is the Game Mode tab that allows disabling Alt + Tab, Alt + F4, and Windows key. This is great for gaming sessions because you are often prone to pressing Windows key which makes the PC lose focus of the game.

Software – Gaming Tab

The last tab is the Macro tab and, in this tab, you can create custom macros and use lots of keyboard and mouse events along with delay setting.

Software – Macro Tab

There is profile written at the top left side of the application, which enables the user to create multiple profiles. A great thing about the keyboard is that the current profile gets loaded on the onboard memory of the keyboard and the profile can be used with Bluetooth connectivity too.

Performance – Gaming & Typing

Now, in this section, we will be testing how the keyboard functions in the practical environment.

Gaming Performance

VELOCIFIRE M2 performed excellently in games thanks to the wired mode connectivity and even the wireless mode was good enough for casual games. The Outemu Brown switches provide a sweet spot in terms of noise and actuation and the results were great in FPS games.

For competitive arcade games, the keyboard provides N-key rollover, which is an excellent feature and makes sure that no input has been missed. For MOBA games, the user can create macros, allowing him to perform complex combos easily. The RGB lighting also seems excellent and the user can match their gaming rig with the lighting of the keyboard easily. Overall, VELOCIFIRE M2 seems to be providing a heavenly experience in gaming.

Typing Performance

Like gaming, VELOCIFIRE M2 also did wonders in typing, as Outemu Brown switches feel fantastic for typing and most typists prefer working on keyboards with tactile switches. The thick DoubleShot keycaps also provide a satisfying feel and sound, which is usually absent in gaming keyboards.

Thanks to the RGB lighting, you can work with the keyboard easily during the nights and not worry about dark legends. One of the great things about the keyboard is that if you prefer typing on clicky switches, you can buy the clicky Outemu switches and change the current ones. All-in-all, the typing experience of the keyboard feels very satisfying and one cannot go wrong with this keyboard, especially for the price that it comes for.


VELOCIFIRE M2 tries to do everything what a good high-end keyboard is supposed to do and it does so without breaking the bank. The design of the keyboard is very minimal and the plastic material is although not as good as some high-end keyboards, the positioning plate is metallic. This ensures that there is minimal flex in the keyboard and the sound profile of the keyboard also gets interesting.

The mechanical switches used in the keyboard are the latest revision of Outemu Brown switches, which are not as popular as Cherry MX Brown switches, the essence is very similar, with a quiet bump. The force of these switches is although a bit more, at 55 grams, in comparison to 45 grams of Cherry MX Browns. Moreover, you get Outemu hot-swappable sockets here which allow you to change the switches without any desoldering. The keycaps of the keyboard are far better than standard ABS keycaps and are DoubleShot ABS, with a thickness of around 1.5 mm.

This is one of the only keyboards from VELOCIFIRE that provide software for customization and one of the reasons for this is that this keyboard provides per-key RGB lighting. There are multiple lighting effects in the keyboard, which are not as good as the keyboards from RAZER or CORSAIR but not too different either. At the price range of under $60, the Velocifire M2 is just flawless.


Best Budget Wireless 60% Keyboard


  • Hot-swappable switches
  • RGB LED lighting
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fully compatible with MAC
  • Thick DoubleShot keycaps
  • Very low price


  • Hot-swap socket only accept Outemu switches
  • Stabilizers are not the best

Weight: 1.33 lbs. | Actuation Force: 55 g | Key Switches: Outemu Brown | Switch Lifespan: 50 million strokes | Actuation Point: 2.0 mm | Dedicated Media Controls: No | Keyboard Rollover: N-key rollover with anti-ghosting | Battery: 1800 mAh

VERDICT:VELOCIFIRE M2 turns the tables of keyboard world, providing customizable RGB lighting, hot-swappable Outemu switches, thick high-quality keycaps, and a staggering design while coming at only a fraction of price of a high-end keyboard.

Price at the time of the review: US $49.00 / UK N/A

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