Valve’s New Headset May Arrive Sooner Than Expected

According to a job listing posted by the Valve, it would appear that the company is working on some new virtual reality (VR) hardware. UploadVR noticed this, and it seems to point to the development of new VR hardware by the firm.

A rumour from the last year suggested that Valve was hard at work developing a new virtual reality headset that would was intended to compete with the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Quest 2. Valve’s device was codenamed “Deckard” and was discovered within its SteamVR code.

Patent Supposedly Revealing Valve’s Headset Design | UploadVR

The status of Valve’s new virtual reality headset is unknown; nevertheless, it appears to be in the early stages of development based on the leaks. The company currently wants software engineers to help it “push the boundaries of VR experiences,” according to the job posting.

The main scope of this position is to prototype, ship, and support consumer gaming products leveraging visual-inertial tracking (HMD and controllers), camera passthrough, environment understanding, eye tracking, and hand tracking.”

Since the Valve Index headset has been available for purchase for more than three years, it has been eclipsed in both quality and price by newer, more affordable models. To add insult to injury, Sony is planning to release the Playstation VR2 headset in early 2023, and Valve appears keen to catch up. In addition, Meta is said to be planning the release of four more VR headsets by 2024, two of which will supposedly improve upon the Quest 2‘s technology and appeal exclusively to gamers.

Meta Quest Pro Releases Today | Meta

It will be exciting to see what Valve has up its sleeve for us VR fans, especially as today sees the release of The Meta Quest 2 and the PlayStation VR2 to follow soon after. As of right now, we’ll just have to wait to get more info on Project Deckard, as nothing has been verified by Valve itself.

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