Valve Corporation Files Trademarks for CS2 and Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike has been a massive hit since its release over two decades ago, and it easily went on to become one of the greatest FPS shooters of all time. With a game like this, you don’t always expect the developers to follow along as most of the time, its just too much to keep up with the growing legacy of the game.

In spite of all that, we have been hearing rumors lately about the next iteration of the game. Well, seems as if those rumors are actually turning into something interesting. Valve has now filed four trademarks related to CS2 and Counter-Strike, leaving fans excited about what the future holds for the popular game.

The trademarks filed by Valve confirm that the company is indeed working on the next iteration of Counter-Strike. While the developer hasn’t released any official statements regarding the upcoming game, the trademarks provide us with clues about what to expect.

What’s interesting here is that the trademarks cover a range of categories, including entertainment services, computer game software, and electronic game software.

The ‘Counter Strike’ and ‘CS2’ Trademarks

The first trademark for CS2 is focused on entertainment services, including online video games, online computer games, and organizing competitions. The second trademark for CS2 emphasizes on computer game software, electronic game software, video game software, and downloadable computer game programs via the internet.

While both the trademarks may seem a bit identical, it is important to understand the differences between the two.

The first Counter-Strike trademark shares similarities with the second CS2 trademark, covering computer game software, electronic game software, video game software, and downloadable computer game programs via the internet.

The second Counter-Strike trademark is almost identical to the first CS2 trademark, highlighting entertainment services like online video games, online computer games, and organizing competitions.

What Do These Trademarks Mean for the Game?

These trademarks indicate that Valve is possibly preparing to officially reveal a new iteration or expansion of the Counter-Strike series, possibly under the name CS2 (like we all expected).

The trademarks are currently in examination, but now there is no denying that we will surely be seeing a next installment to CS:GO, even if it’s not under the same name. However, it’s not clear if it will be an entirely new game, an updated version of the original, or a DLC.

Valve’s Steam Profile Picture Update Sparks Speculation of Upcoming CS:GO Reveal

In addition to the trademarks, there have been changes to the Steam profile pictures of core CS:GO developers and other Valve developers who have been working on CS:GO simultaneously. This may suggest that they are taking screenshots for promotional material, which could indicate that a reveal of the new game may be closer than we expected.

Valve has been notoriously secretive about its upcoming releases in the past, so any information about the new game will likely come directly from them. Nevertheless, the trademarks and other clues indicate that Valve has something big in store for fans of the franchise.

It’s worth noting that Valve has made significant changes to the Source engine in recent years, upgrading it to Source 2. CS2 on the new engine is expected to bring numerous improvements to the game’s graphics, physics, and gameplay mechanics. Although people still love the original CS:GO, who wouldn’t want a better playing experience?

The rumors have now turned into speculation with the trademark filings, that may have surely generated excitement within the gaming community regarding the future of Counter-Strike’s franchise. As fans eagerly await official news from Valve, the trademarks offer an exciting glimpse into what might be on the horizon for this iconic game series.

With that said, we will make sure to keep you updated on all developments as new information becomes available.


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