Valve Introduces “Deck Verified” to Identify Titles That Will Work on the Steam Deck

Find out if your game of choice will be playable on the Steam handheld.

With Valve’s handheld gaming console Steam Deck nearing its release (it is currently scheduled to launch in December of 2021), the gaming industry giant is now in the process of going through the entire Steam Library to label all of its titles on whether it can be played on the Steam Deck.

Despite being technically a PC, the Steam Deck is still held back by a couple of software and hardware limitations, one of which is it running a Linux-based OS. Therefore, it is to be expected that some titles may not run on the device.

Knowing which titles can be played or not is very helpful for those who are looking to get the Steam Deck, so Valve has begun labelling its entire library under four categories: Verified, Playable, Unsupported, and Unknown. Listed below are descriptions for each category:


  • Verified games support the Steam Deck’s screen resolution, on-screen keyboard functions, support the Steamdeck’s built-in gamepad controls, and can be played on Linux. These games can be played using Steamdeck with no problems, offering gamers a great experience out of the box.


  • These games are playable but may require tweaking to achieve optimal results. Settings may need manual tweaking to support Steamdeck, or workarounds may need to be employed to allow the game to function.


  • Unsupported games will not run on Valve’s Steam Deck system. Future game/Steam Deck updates may allow these games to be supported, but as it stands these titles cannot be played on Valve’s handheld gaming PC. One category of unsupported titles is VR games.


  • Valve has not tested these games for Steamdeck Compatability.

Valve has also released a 3 minute video titled “Steam Deck: Introducing Deck Verified” which also goes through the categories, showing examples of what each of the games under these categories may look like at first glance. One of this feature’s strongest points is the ability to give player the knowledge whether a game is worth purchasing or not for their specific device. Despite the ubiquity of Steam the gaming platform, the Steam Deck is breaking new ground by looking to foray into non-PC and casual gamer demographic, making their expansive library a little bit more accessible is a great way to start things off.

The Steam Deck is set to release in December of 2021. It is currently available for reservations in the United States, Canada, European Union, and the United Kingdom.

Kenneth Araullo
A writer specializing in video games, with two years of writing experience backed by a decade and a half of playing games. A PC Gamer and Dota 2 enthusiast at heart (will also take the occasional Switch title every now and then), he has reviewed multiple titles across many genres, and reported on many, many more.