Valorant’s New Escalation Game Mode is a Gun-Game Inspired “Quick, Low-Stress Team Deathmatch”

Valorant, the competitive first-person hero shooter by Riot Games, is getting an entirely new game mode. Inspired by the classic gun-game, Escalation is a “casual, fast-paced mode designed for fun social play and perfect for encouraging players to practice with new weapons” that will be available for free with patch 2.03 tomorrow February 17th.

Escalation is Valorant’s first of many limited time game modes and puts a spin on your regular team deathmatch. In this game mode, players start off with powerful weapons which are replaced with weaker ones as they get more kills.

Kyle Leach of Riot Games says Escalation is a “low stress Team Deathmatch mode with high uptime that’s fun to play socially with friends.”

“We’re hoping to provide players with an opportunity to practice gunplay across the entire arsenal and experience some abilities in novel ways, while providing a shared objective that benefits from some coordination but doesn’t require it for a team to succeed”.


Escalation is a 5v5 game mode consisting of 12 levels, each providing players with a particular weapon or ability. The first team to reach the final level, or the closest one at the end of 10 minutes is crowned the winner. Loadouts are pre-determined and quick respawns (with spawn protection) result in matches lasting 7-9 minutes.

Teams can progress through levels by earning points. Altogether, a team requires 7 points to advance to the next level. Points can be earned by getting kills, and you’ll get the maximum kill reward of 1 point if you use the weapon on your team’s current level.

Here are the weapons and abilities that will be available throughout the match:

  • Level 1: Always either Raze’s Showstopper or Vandal/Phantom
  • Level 2: Always Vandal or Phantom.
  • Levels 3–11: Assorted weapons and abilities
  • Level 12: Possible Shorty, Classic, Knife, Shock Dart…or even the Snowball Launcher
  • Health: Every death drops a health pack that expires after 10 seconds

Take note that Escalation is not a permanent addition to Valorant, so hop in and play while it’s available.


Farhan Ali

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