Valorant Mobile Footage Leaks With Active Google Play Store Link & More

Riot Games competitive 5V5 free-to-play FPS shooter has taken the esports by storm. The game has a healthy player base of nearly 800,000 active users every day, with gamers partaking in either casual or competitive matches and making their way through the ranks.

So far, the game is exclusive to Windows PC, but that just might change with a new iteration that’s making its way to mobile platforms. You heard it right, Valorant is coming to mobile devices.

Valorant received lots of appreciation and praise from critics and users alike, but Riot Games is still not satisfied. It seems the company has decided to take its game to the next level by bringing Valorant on the go to mobile devices that support Android and iOS.

Riot Games officially announced Valorant Mobile last year on the occasion of the game’s first anniversary. Since then, both Riot and the developer of the mobile port, Tencent, have remained tight-lipped about the venture. However, that’s not to say leaks have been quiet, too. We’ve got plenty of leaked screenshots and even some in-game video clips of Valorant Mobile, and today’s leak dump serves as a nice addition to that list.

Valorant Mobile Gameplay Leaked

Valorant Mobile News over on Twitter has revealed new gameplay footage and in-game screenshots of the mobile iteration of the game. The good news is that the game seems to be a full port of the original PC version of Valorant, as suggested by some previous leaks as well.

You can hop into a casual or competitive match, use abilities, ultimates and strafe, scope, and snipe just like you would do on the PC port of the title. This is all good news since mobile ports are mostly downgraded and degrade the overall experience of their PC or console counterparts but Valorant’s mobile counterpart does its best to offer the full PC experience on the go.

But then fans speculated that an anonymous source might have gone as far as to recreate leaked mobile footage of an unannounced beta for the game. Players expected a degraded experience in contrast to the gameplay footage that seems to be ripped out of the PC variant of the title. So, the gameplay footage should be taken with a grain of salt, or should it?

ValorantMNews posted their recent findings on Twitter. The news source states that some Android users have stumbled across a Valorant Mobile app on the Play Store that does indeed look legitimate. The screenshot shared by the leaker even shows a description that states:

Valorant para dispoitivos Android

Thank you for joining the VALORANT Mobile F&F weekend! We’re excited to share the game with you!

This is a work-in-progress prototype and you are under NDA to not share any information with anyone outside of Riot or the other F&F participants.

Good Luck, have fun! – Riot Games

It appears players that had been contacted by the Riot Games to partake in the prototype for Valorant Mobile were bound by a Non Disclosure Agreement. That means that no information was to be shared outside of Riot Games, whether it be physical, virtual or textual, but that didn’t stop some gamers as gameplay has surfaced on the internet.

The Twitter user recently made a follow-up post sharing some new screenshots of Valorant Mobile from the Play Store, which you can see below:

Valorant Mobile is currently a work-in-progress, and the fact that it’s under NDA by the userbase currently engaged with it states that the game is far from release. But the game does look polished from what we can gather so far. 

Valorant Mobile will likely make its way to Android and iOS devices with no cross-play with the PC port. It’s interesting to see how Tencent and Riot are going out of their way to keep the game hidden despite its official announcement last year. With these new rounds of leaks, one can only hope that another announcement or possible reveal is coming very soon. 

This Valorant Mobile leak comes in at the same time as one of, if not the biggest leaks in gaming history surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI. Check out our detailed coverage of everything leaked from GTA 6 here.


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