Valorant’s Newest Balancing Patch Nerfs “Bunnyhopping”

Launched in April, the closed beta of Riot’s new competitive first-person shooter Valorant is going strong. After a handful of balancing changes, today’s new patch 0.50 is the heftiest one yet, bringing with it massive nerfs, buffs, and gameplay changes.

As listed in the announcement post, Riot’s new patch lays down updates to credit cap, adjusts abilities, and balances most weapons and agents. There’s also a number of bug fixes and a bunch of exploits have been removed as well.

Weapon Accuracy

Since the beta launched in April, players have complained about “running and gunning”. Unlike its competitor Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant doesn’t penalize accuracy during movement as much. However, it turns our Riot wasn’t satisfied with that, as today’s update makes it so that players will no longer enter the “walking accuracy” state when transitioning from run to stop.

“We noticed many players were entering a walking accuracy state during their run-to-stop transition that made it appear as if shots they fired/landed were done at full speed,” explains Riot.


Furthermore, all rifles have had their recoils updated, so it should make tapping and bursting more efficient. The Phantom, Vandal, Bulldog, and Guardian have all received changes to recoil recovery time and “tap efficiency”.

The machinegun category containing the Ares and the Odin has also received some love. In addition to a price decrease, the underused weapons have had their firing error and recoil reduced, making them easier to use.


Patch 0.50 heavily focuses on delivering nerfs and buffs to several agents.

  • Cyber Cage no longer slows enemies that move through it
  • Spycam cooldown when destroyed increased 30 >> 45 seconds
  • Slow Orb zone duration decreased from 9 seconds to 7 seconds
  • Slow Orb slowing amount decreased from 65% to 50%
  • Dark Cover smoke duration increased 12 >> 15 seconds
  • Dark Cover smoke projectile speed increased
  • Dark Cover cooldown increased 30 >> 35 seconds
  • Snake Bite radius increased 350 >> 450
Ability Cost
  • Sage Barrier Orb increased from 300 to 400 credits
  • Raze Blast Pack increased from 100 to 200 credits
  • Phoenix Curveball increased from 100 to 200 credits
  • Brimstone’s Incendiary increased from 200 to 300 credits
  • Jett’s Updraft reduced from 200 to 100 credits


Unlike Valve, it seems Riot is heavily against bunnyhopping, a movement mechanic that allows players to escape area-of-denial gadgets. Riot says they don’t want to “completely negate this skill but we also don’t want it to trivialize a whole set of character abilities.” As such, the developer has now made it much more difficult to escape area denial abilities by bunnyhopping.

Patch 0.50 also rebalances the store by tuning ability costs and reducing the total credit cap to 9000. Check out the full list of patch notes for a detailed breakdown of all the changes.

Farhan Ali
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