Sony Acquires Valkyrie Entertainment As Its Fifth Acquisition for PlayStation Studios This Year

Valkyrie is the newest addition to PlayStation Studios.

Sony has been keenly rounding up the game-development studios it has worked with lately under the PlayStation Studios umbrella. Through 2010 to 2020, it only acquired two studios but since then, 14 more have been added in just the span of a few months. With four studio acquisitions in 2021 alone, the Japanese giant is eager to maintain its position as the top dog in video game space, especially after Microsoft‘s acquisition of ZeniMax Media, Bethesda‘s parent company. Now, Sony is adding a fifth studio in its 2021 belt and it’s a familiar one.

Seattle-based developer, Valkyrie Entertainment is the latest studio acquired by Sony, becoming the 17th studio part of the PlayStation Studios brand. Valkyrie Entertainment will aid in development of critical projects such as blockbuster AAA titles and renowned PlayStation exclusives going forward, providing co-development services. It’s not clear yet if the studio will explicit work on their own project now that they’re a part of PS Studios, but considering the company’s history, that seems unlikely, at least for the near future.

Valkyrie Entertainment’s contributions have been a key component in many iconic PlayStation games throughout the past two decades. Most recently, they worked on God Of War (2018) for Sony and they’re helping develop the upcoming God Of War: Ragnarok as well. Not only that, but Valkyrie has also worked with Microsoft and Riot in the past, lending a hand in Forza Motorsport 7, Halo: Infinite, and Valorant to name a few. Aside from being the kindest of video game-development Samaritan, Valkyrie also has a self-developed 2D side-scroller game called “GUNS UP!” under their name

This should tell you that the company is no joke and with potentially better funding and more solidified backing from Sony, it can only go upwards from here. Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios praised Valkyrie in a statement to Business Wire saying “Valkyrie Entertainment is a highly adaptable and respected studio which has produced high-quality work on a range of platforms from console to PC; and a variety of styles from action to games-as-a-service titles. Valkyrie’s diverse capabilities will be welcomed by every team at PlayStation Studios as we continue to focus on delivering extraordinary gaming experiences.” On the other hand, the president and founder of Valkyrie Entertainment, Joakim Wejdemar had to say this about the acquisition:

“Since 2002, we have contributed to well over 100 titles, including great PlayStation franchises, such as God of War, inFAMOUS, and Twisted Metal. In our next chapter, we are excited to continue our relationship with some of the most talented teams in the world, expanding and contributing to the portfolio of amazing games available for PlayStation fans.”


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Sony Acquires Valkyrie Entertainment As Its Fifth Acquisition for PlayStation Studios This Year

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