Users Reporting Widespread Failures On Their RTX 2080Ti’s, Time For “RTX Off RMA On”

Nvidia recently launched the RTX cards and it is now widely available in online and retail stores. Everything has been smooth with the launch but now there are reports of failing RTX 2080Ti’s.

Electronics can fail and consumers are usually covered with warranty, but it seems the RTX 2080Ti has manufacturing defects in entire batches.

GamersNexus is actually investigating the matter, as they did state they have 4-5 defective 2080Ti’s.

Cause Of The Failure?

A lot of people who own the RTX 2080Ti have reported that their GPU’s have died on them, so this is definitely a manufacturing issue. The cause is yet unknown as there could be a lot of factors. But my best guess would be a faulty VRAM component. Micron and Samsung are the two companies who are manufacturing GDDR6 memory for the RTX cards, and it’s relatively a new memory standard.

Many people are also reporting weird artifacts showing up on their screens when using their RTX 2080 Ti‘s, this again hints at VRAM issues.

TomsHardware Germany actually performed a thermal imaging test on their reference RTX 2080 Ti, reviewing the infrared images. They did find excessive heating on the M6 and M7 GDDR6 modules. These modules are located above the internal power supply tracks of the cards, which can be one of the reasons they heat up so bad.

Hardwareluxx also conducted similar tests and they were able to confirm the overheating on M6 and M7 memory modules of the Micron chip, with an overclocked RTX 2080Ti with GPU boost at 2,000 MHz and GDDR6 memory set at 1,950 MHz. They also ran the overclocked card overnight with 3DMark TimeSpy on loop, but even after that, there were no crashes.

It’s not clear yet if cards with Samsung modules show something similar, but yes there haven’t been any reports on that.

Nvidia also replied to TomsHardware’s query on this issue, they started “it’s not an increasing number of users affected by this problem“, basically denying the widespread nature of this issue.

There’s no reason to worry if you plan on buying an RTX 2080Ti, as your card should be covered by warranty. Although cards with micron memory might develop problems with time, due to increased heat on specific modules of the GDDR6 memory unit. Also, users who will import the card from other countries should specifically look for brands who offer an international warranty.

We will update the article in case there are new developments.

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Users Reporting Widespread Failures On Their RTX 2080Ti’s, Time For “RTX Off RMA On”

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