Users In Skip Ahead Ring Receive Windows Preview Build 18237 Brings Cosmetic Change To Sign-in Screen

Windows is finally pushing out Preview Build 18237 (19H1) for users in the skip ahead ring. This update brings a few bug fixes and subtle changes to the sign-in screen.

As stated above, the sign-in screen receives a cosmetic change. The update brings in acrylic blur to the background, helps the login bar stand out. The official blog post defines it as a type of brush from the Fluent Design System.

Microsoft Apps on Android gets renamed as Your Phone Companion app

Your Phone Companion App
Source – Microsoft

Microsoft has also changed the name of their app “Microsoft Apps” on the playstore to “Your Phone Companion App”. This reduces confusion and also makes more sense, now that both the PC client and phone app are named the same.

You can use it to text from your desktop and  share photos between your PC and mobile among other things.

Important Fixes and Improvements

  • Task Manager couldn’t be resized in the previous flight, this has been fixed.
  •  Issue resulting in Settings crashing when navigating to Accounts > Sign-in in the previous flight, has been fixed.
  • Sometimes there was an issue, resulting in reduced Action Center reliability in recent flights, it has been fixed now.
  • Issue where if one of the taskbar flyouts (like network or volume)was closed, and then quickly swapped for another, it wouldn’t work, also fixed.
  • People with multiple monitors where if the Open or Save Dialog was moved, some elements might become unexpectedly tiny, also fixed.
  • Issue resulting in certain apps crashing recently when setting focus to the in-app search box, fixed now.
  • Some users might face an issue resulting in certain games, like League of Legends, not launching/connecting properly in recent flights, also fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on web links in PWAs such as Twitter didn’t open the browser, fixed.
  • Issue resulting in certain PWAs not rendering correctly after the app had been suspended then resumed, is working, also fixed
  •  A new group Policy has been added for preventing the use of security questions for local accounts. This can be found under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Credential User Interface.
  • Issue in Narrator where activating Microsoft Edge history items would not work in Scan mode has been fixed.
  • No crashing when using recent flights with the pen to ink in Microsoft Edge’s web notes.

Known Issues

The Narrator issue still exists, where it doesn’t read the settings menu when using Tab and arrow keys. Scanned mode has to be turned off, for it to work again.

Background of notifications and the Action Centre might lose color and become transparent (with an acrylic effect), this might affect visibility.

You can view the complete changes and improvements on the official blog post here.

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