Use A Single WhatsApp Account On Multiple Devices At The Same Time With Notification Management Feature Under Testing

WhatsApp development team appears to be actively developing and testing the ability to use a single account on multiple devices at the same time. The feature will be different from the current iteration wherein users can use a WhatsApp account on desktop or web but the interface is locked and dependent on the primary smartphone on which the single account is active and logged-in.

Facebook, the company that owns WhatsApp, is reportedly exploring the ability to use a single WhatsApp account on different devices simultaneously. This feature can potentially allow users to have a single WhatsApp account, and actively use the same on multiple devices without being dependent on the primary device. The WhatsApp development team hasn’t offered the feature up for beta testing, but the underlying concept is being actively explored. The pace of development strongly indicates Facebook is prioritizing the feature and could introduce the same soon.

How WhatsApp Users Can Operate A Single Account On Multiple Devices Simultaneously?

WhatsApp might soon offer the ability to log-in from multiple devices and use a single account simultaneously from different devices. Being under development, these changes are not visible publicly. However, hints about the feature make it apparent that Facebook wants to grant users freedom from being dependent on a single or primary device on which the WhatsApp account was registered.

The WhatsApp single account on multiple devices feature needs active and working encryption to ensure end-to-end encrypted chat messages between different accounts. Traditionally, WhatsApp on a smartphone could be ‘synced’ with the Web version on another device. However, this mandated the use of the primary Android or iOS device and the QR Code that flashed on the Web version.

In the revised method, a WhatsApp account holder could theoretically log-in using the same WhatsApp account on a different device without needing the primary device. When a contact will add the WhatsApp account on another device, the encryption key will change. The account holder will be notified right within the chat about the change in the ‘Device List’.

WhatsApp appears to be testing multiple variations of the Notifications that alert about multiple devices being used with a single WhatsApp account. Some even contain additional details, including the phone number that was used to open a WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Actively Testing ‘Expiring Messages’:

In addition to the aforementioned feature, WhatsApp has been reportedly developing the ‘Expiring Messages’ feature as well. The feature essentially deletes messages automatically. There would be a preset timer that destroys the message, and the ability to delete the same for both the accounts.

Previously WhatsApp has changed the name of the self-destructing message feature’s name multiple times. It has named the feature as Revoke Messages (to Unsend Messages and finally Delete messages for everyone). In the upcoming beta version of WhatsApp, the same is being repeated. The first name was Disappearing Messages, renamed to Delete Messages, and now it’s called Expiring Messages.

While the Expiring Message feature could land soon, it will be available to all users in individual chats. However, in group chats, the Expiring Messages feature will be only visible to administrators or Admin accounts. When the Expiring Messages is enabled in a specific chat, WhatsApp will show an indicator on the profile picture in the chats list. The same indicator will also be available in the chat window.

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Use A Single WhatsApp Account On Multiple Devices At The Same Time With Notification Management Feature Under Testing

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