Fix: USB Host Mode Enabled and Phone Won’t Charge

Getting the “USB host mode enabled” error while charging is not an unusual occurrence. When your phone’s USB Host Mode is enabled, the Phone disables the charging over USB. This is particularly due to the Charging Mode being overtaken by the Host Mode (which disables it) and this is usually resolved by resetting the charging mode. It is a glitch, in most phones and we present two methods to deal with the issue.

Method 1: Clean the Phone’s Charging Socket

The majority of the time this problem is caused by the crud present inside your phone’s charging socket. Follow these steps to try to remove it:

Take a flash light and try to illuminate the charging socket. Notice if you can spot some buildup of unwanted residue in there.

If you spotted the fluff in there, take a scalpel with a fine edge and calmly try to remove it from in there. Try to be as delicate as you can because you don’t want to invade the scalpel more than required. Also remember to use the thinnest scalpel you can get your hands on.

Try connecting the charger again.

If the phone still shows the same error then maybe you were abiding by the laws of cleanliness already; don’t worry though, here is another method for you to try out:

Method 2: Reset the Charging Mode

Turn your phone off.

Plug the charger in and let it charge for around 10 minutes. Even if you don’t see any signs of the phone getting charged, let it stay plugged in anyway.

Now press and hold the Power + Volume Down + Volume Up buttons for around 2 minutes. It’s absolutely essential to not let go of these buttons before a minimum of 120 seconds because otherwise the charge mode won’t get reset.

As soon as you release the buttons, the phone should start booting.

Now connect the charger.

If the above method wasn’t applicable to you, then this one must have solved the issue for you. Let’s know in the comments how and what worked out for you!

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Fix: USB Host Mode Enabled and Phone Won’t Charge

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