Updated Android Bionic Commit Suggests API Level 29 will be Android Q

Android Framework versions are presented by API Levels. It is just an integer number which represents the versions. For example, Android 8.0 Oreo has an API Level of 26, Android 8.1 Oreo has an API Level of 27, and Android 9 Pie has an API Level of 28. Starting right from Android 1.0 with an API level of 1, Android 1.1 with an API level of 2, Android 1.5 with an API level of 3, and so on.

The latest update this year is Android Pie, also known as Android 9. While it may take many months for Android 9 Pie to dominate the Android version distribution statistics, the Android 9 Pie update is anticipated to be to be available for devices quicker than the Android 8 Update was available last year for flagship devices and even devices with lower specifications, all thanks to the Project Treble. A commit was merged to update Android’s Bionic status on the 30th of August this year. Bionic is Android’s C library, math library, and dynamic linker. New functions were listed in the commit that are now updated int he Android Versions. Obviously enough, the Android Q was listed to have API level of 29.

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It was absurdly rumoured that Google might skip Android 9.1. Before the release of Android P last year, most speculated google to skip Android 8.1 Oreo which clearly didn’t tun out to be the case. This was because people had not taken into account the possibility at the time that Google might have already finished the work on Android Oreo MR1 in internal master branch given the time google had. This time, google has reportedly merged commits twice that link Android Q to API 29. This leaves us with neither the ambiguity, nor the room to assume the API level of Android Q version.

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Android Q being API level 29 will be a confirmation of benefit for developers as the Updated Play Store requirements will require developers to target heir apps at API level 28, around August of next year. This is the only window for developers to act on Android API 28 apps until Android Q (API level 29 )developer previews start. This is in regard to Google’s strict overview of constant app updates and maintenance.

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