[Update] Latest Firefox Browser Update Attempts To Manage Videos, Block And Evade User Identification, Notification Messages

Mozilla has rolled out the latest stable update to its popular Firefox web browser for the general internet users. With the update, the Mozilla Firefox browser climbs to version 72. With Microsoft about to launch its eagerly awaited Chromium-based Edge browser, and Google Chrome’s dominance, Mozilla appears to have stepped up its efforts to offer user-centric and privacy-focused features.

With the latest Firefox version 72 update, Mozilla has also offered several powerful features and abilities for developers as well. The new features for developers are located in Firefox’s Developer Tools section. The ‘Watchpoints’ feature, introduced in the latest and stable Firefox version meant for the general public, is essentially breakpoints that fire when an object’s property is either read or set. There is also a new timings tab in the Network Monitor that shows queued, start and download times for each resource. Mozilla has now enabled Shadow Parts in CSS. Another new CSS feature is Motion Path that lets developers animate a graphical element along a custom path.

Latest Stable Firefox Version 72 Extends Floating Video Window, Defeats ‘Notification’ Pop-Ups, And Blocks ‘Fingerprinting’:

Mozilla added a new feature in Firefox version 71 that’s highly similar to the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode found on many modern-day TVs. Firefox version 72 extends the feature from Windows OS to macOS and Linux. The feature adds a blue button to a playing video, allowing users to continue playback in a floating, chromeless window, small by default but easily resizable.

The second most noticeable feature in the latest Firefox update is the ability to defeat the annoying notification pop-ups that an increasing number of websites are forcing internet users to interact with. Essentially, the feature automatically deals with those “this site wants to send you notifications” pop-ups. The Mozilla team claims that 99 percent of such notification permission prompts are rejected. Although users can completely eliminate the appearance of the pop-ups, the blanket ban can cause problems for users who frequent websites that have a messaging platform.

In the latest Firefox v72, a non-intrusive speech bubble icon appears in the address bar. Nothing happens by default, but users can choose to click the minuscule icon to allow or deny notifications. The feature essentially does away with the large rectangular pop-up that appears every time a website is initially loaded.

A new privacy feature claims to block the practice of “fingerprinting”. The feature essentially works against sites that try to identify sufficient information about the device, via legitimate browser APIs. This enables user tracking even when tracking cookies are blocked. Elaborating on the feature Mozilla noted, “Firefox 72 protects users against fingerprinting by blocking all third-party requests to companies that are known to participate in fingerprinting.” Incidentally, security-conscious users should always consider using reliable and reputable VPN service providers.

Mozilla Adopts Four-Week or Monthly Update Cycle For Firefox:

The latest Firefox version marks an important change in the way sequential, major version releases are rolled out. Mozilla has decided to adopt a four-weekly release cycle. for the web browser While Firefox v72 has arrived on schedule, the Firefox v73 is due on 11 February.

If the feature-packed Firefox v72 is any indicator, Mozilla appears to have planned several interesting and powerful features to boost the evolution, and quite possibly the adoption, of the Firefox web browser. The uptake and regular usage of the Firefox browser could be a cause of concern for Mozilla. According to recently released usage statistics, Google Chrome is still the king of web browsers. Firefox’s usage, however, appears to have declined marginally.

Apple iOS and Mac OS users are still dedicated to the Safari web browser. Moreover, with the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser’s latest stable version to be available for download on January 15, 2020, Mozilla Firefox has its challenges clearly defined.

[Update] After sending out the Mozilla Firefox version 72, the organization sent out another minor update that patches a 0-day vulnerability. This brings the latest stable version of Mozilla Firefox to v72.0.1.

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