Upcoming Xbox Console Might Include A Physics Engine & A Disc-less Variant

The eighth generation of gaming consoles is nearing its end.  Microsoft’s Xbox One was released back in 2013, and we are nearing the launch of the next console from both Sony and Microsoft. Both Microsoft and Sony had confirmed that the next console is in works. However, the information regarding the same is really close to nothing. All we know till now is that as per rumors the consoles will be rocking AMD’s 7nm CPUs and GPUs. Today, a new rumor has sprouted, indicating that the next Xbox will have a physics engine.

Internal Physics Engine – More Realistic Physics Systems In Games?

As Skullzi TV highlights on its Youtube channel,  the next Xbox will most likely feature an internal physics engine. This claim comes from a recent patent filed by Microsoft. The patent is for a processor dedicated to execute a physics engine. It explains the drawbacks of computer simulations of physical systems. Usually, simulation of physical systems involves simulating collisions between a pair of objects. That also includes determining whether the objects are actually colliding. This isn’t much of a concern when the number of objects are less. However, once the number of objects are large, like in open world games, checking might consume a lot of resources.

To avoid this massive resource consumption, developers tend to tone down things on a technical level. That makes the physical systems look realistic to some extent. Microsoft aims to address this problem of developers in the upcoming consoles. This will also considerably reduce the workload on the game assets and might turn out to be a game-changer of upcoming large scale games.

With the upcoming consoles, everyone would expect better graphics and performance. Both Microsoft and Sony will be aiming to achieve some ground-breaking advancements in their next-gen consoles. This seems just like the tip of the iceberg. That being said until anything is made official nothing can be said for sure. Still, we have high hopes from the next-gen consoles from both the rivals.

Md Armughanuddin
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