Upcoming Samsung Exynos Flagship SoC Name And Specifications Leak Ahead Of Premium Android Launch?

Samsung already has the next-gen flagship SoC ready. The same has been spotted powering the company’s upcoming flagship Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. Incidentally, the top-end SoC is not Exynos 1000 as was previously reported. The chipset powering the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is the Exynos 2100. A new report offers some interesting details including specifications of the Exynos 2100 SoC.

Samsung is yet to offer any information about the upcoming flagship SoC that will power the premium Android smartphone. However, a tipster has shared relevant about the Exynos 2100, including the Fabrication Node. He has also offered information about the most important aspects of the flagship chipset from Samsung’s own production line.

Samsung Exynos 2100 Core Count, Clock Speed, Fabrication Node, And Other Details Leak?

The Samsung Exynos 2100 is undoubtedly the company’s upcoming flagship SoC. It is expected to rival the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875. It was previously believed that Samsung is making the Exynos 1000 and would pack Cortex-A78 Cores. However, it appears Samsung has named its latest flagship SoC as the Exynos 2100.

The Exynos 2100 will apparently sport a 1 + 3 + 4 CPU cluster, where one will be a large core operating at the highest possible frequency. Incidentally, Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 has the same core count and layout. Although yet to be confirmed, the tipster believes Samsung has opted for the Cortex-X1 Core and it will be the largest single core inside the Exynos 2100, which is the exact same scenario in the Snapdragon 875.


According to tipster Digital Chat Station, the single large core will operate at 2.91 GHz. The three Performance Cores will run at 2.81 GHz. These three cores could be ARM’s Cortex-A78. The remaining four cores will be Efficiency Cores operating at 2.21 GHz. The Exynos 2100 could pack the powerful ARM Mali-G78 GPU. The number of cores and their frequency isn’t yet known.

Samsung has expertly deployed an interesting and highly efficient Vapor-Chamber Cooling solution in its Galaxy S20 Ultra that uses graphite thermal pads. With enough optimization, it is quite likely that the single large core in the Exynos 2100 could break the 3.0 GHz Clock Speed barrier.

Will Samsung Exynos 2100 Beat Qualcomm Snapdragon 875?

The Samsung Exynos 2100 is reportedly being fabricated on the 5nm Production Process, which is similar to the process being used for Qualcomm Snapdragon 875. The ARM’s latest Cortex-X cores will reportedly deliver up to a 30 percent increase in performance compared to the previous Cortex-A cores. Samsung using 1 x Cortex-X1 high-performance core, 3 x Cortex-A78 cores along with standard 4 x Cortex-A55 cores for the Exynos 2100 SoC appears to be direct competition to Snapdragon 875, at least on paper.


Incidentally, Samsung is planning to offer several benefits apart from raw processing power. The company is reportedly upgrading the Neural Processing Units (NPUs) along with communication modems in its new Exynos line of chipsets. Even if Samsung is not able to beat Qualcomm, the company could be able to significantly bridge the performance and efficiency gap.


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