Upcoming Ryzen CPUs on Zen 4 Might Feature Similar Core Counts to Ryzen 5000 Series

The Zen Architecture completely turned things around for AMD, propelling the Ryzen CPUs to fandom. Even last year with the launch of the Ryzen 5000 series based on Zen 3, AMD was lauded for the performance gains it was able to achieve. Naturally, there are a lot of expectations from the upcoming “Ryzen 6000” series as well, which is based on the new Zen 4 architecture.


Some rumors are going around that suggest the Ryzen 6000 series CPUs will max out at 24 cores. However, according to ExecutableFix (Very Reputed Source), the Ryzen 6000 series will instead max out at 16. Again, this shouldn’t disappoint anyone because 24-cores is practically HEDT territory, and AMD already has the Threadripper series for that.

Bad News? Not Really!

One can also look at the previous Ryzen lineups, mainly the 3000 and the 5000 series, where the core counts were similar across the homogenous CPUs. Yet, AMD delivered a sizeable performance uplift with some architectural improvements and enhanced IPC figures.  

Unlike the 3000 and the 5000 series however, the next Ryzen launch will feature the Zen 4 architecture built on an enhanced node process (5nm rumoured). Moving to a smaller node will give the chipmaker headroom to improve IPC further, and then some with the generational architecture improvements. In a way this also instills confidence in the upcoming Zen architecture where AMD might have been able to hit their target performance figures without playing the core-count numbers game.

Will everyone be ecstatic with Ryzen maxing out at 16-cores? Probably not. Many workloads still benefit from higher core counts, and professionals looking for a multi-purpose machine can stand to miss out on some aspects. Although we can only speculate here as none of this information is certain, and there’s still quite a bit of time till we officially see the next Ryzen series.

Indranil Chowdhury
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