Upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Patch Will Finally Nerf Caveira’s “99 Damage” Pistol

An update to Rainbow Six Siege’s test server brings some very significant balance changes. In addition to a nerf to Caveira, today’s test server patch buffs the SMGs of Clash and Kaid.


Starting off with the biggest change: Caveira’s Luison, the 99 damage sidearm, will now deal a reduced 65 damage.

Justifying this change, Ubisoft statesGiven her current win delta, we feel Cav is a little strong and want to make her less frustrating to play against. This change seeks to put more focus on emphasizing her role as a stealth and precision operative”

For many Rainbow Six Siege players, a nerf to Caveira was long overdue. While Caveira doesn’t have much of a footprint in Pro League matches, her potential as a roamer in ranked is unmatched by any other operator. The insanely-high damage of the Luison coupled with the Silent Step allows Caveira to excel in close quarters combat. Despite the nerf, the Luison’s specialty is that a headshot will always result in an injure. We’ll have to wait and see how the nerf affects her viability as a roaming operator.


The next change applies to the SPSMG9, one of Clash’s secondary weapon’s. Prior to the update, the weapon was only capable of 2-round burst fire mode. Now, the SPSMG9 deals increased damage and can be used in full-automatic fire mode. Additionally, the total ammo has been increased and the recoil of the weapon has been adjusted.

By changing her SPSMG9 into a pseudo-primary to give her a bit more efficiency and firepower, we want to improve her performance in situations where she lacks team support,” says Ubisoft.

Apart from bug fixes, other notable changes include a buff to Kaid’s AUG A3, and a nerf to Doc’s MP5. The AUG A3 now has a higher ADS speed, and the MP5 deals a reduced 27 damage instead of 30. On the technical front, the bug which prevented a player’s MMR from displaying correctly, among several others, has been fixed. Although the “Bird Box” exploit was patched, the annoying audio bug is still present in Rainbow Six Siege.


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