Upcoming Just Cause 4 Update Improves Vegetation and Water Effects, More Improvements to Come

Just Cause 4, the fourth installment in Square Enix’s open world action game, launched last year in December. Unfortunately for excited fans, the PC version of game was found to be lacking in many ways. Initial reviews found that the game was not only extremely buggy, but was quite mediocre from a visual standpoint. Developer Avalanche Studios has been continuously working on improvements to the situations.

Just Cause 4

As noted in the recent development update blog, the Just Cause team is working on a multiple future updates to the game. According to the developers, the next couple of updates for Just Cause 4 will improve vegetation quality and water effects. While there were several other deficiencies, these two aspects of the game were especially criticized.

“Visual upgrades have been a core focus for the team here in order to deliver the most immersive Solís experience possible,” reads the blog post.

As Just Cause 4 features a tropical setting with lots of greenery, vegetation quality has been a “primary objective” for the development team. The upcoming updates will fix the issue of rainforest vegetation shadows not rendering at certain distances. Furthermore, the visibility issues caused by the fade effect on vegetation close to the camera have also been addressed.

Vegetation shadows
Vegetation shadows

Water effects, another major visual aspect of Just Cause 4, will also be enhanced. Developers note that everything from underwater tonal colors to surface visibility when underwater have been refined. Moreover, waterfall exits, water waves and water ripples have been improved.

“These are just some of the improvements we’re currently working on,” the post continues. “We’re going to continue our efforts to provide even more fixes for JC4, such as stabilization improvements, 4K checkerboard rendering on consoles and more.”

After multiple complaints about the anti-aliasing, Avalanche announced that they are working towards a better approach altogether. The developer says that this will help in improving the “overall visual fidelity” and reduce the noise issues that appear in “high contrast lighting” settings.

Just Cause 4 is available on PC via Steam, where it currently maintains a “mostly negative” review status.

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