Upcoming Fallout 76 Patch Brings Numerous Combat-Related Quality of Life Improvements

As Fallout 76 struggles to increase its player count, developer Bethesda has not ended support just yet. Patch 10 of the online RPG makes a number of improvements to in-game combat, such as the introduction of damage numbers, faster aim down sights time, the ability to manually cancel animations, and more.

Damage Numbers

Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia patch 10 marks the addition of the highly-requested damage numbers feature. When toggled on via the in-game settings menu, Show Damage Numbers will let players know exactly how much damage is being dealt to an opponent. This setting is disabled by default, and has separate toggles for Adventure and Survival modes.

Cancelling Animations

One of the most annoying things in any first-person shooter is being locked into an animation during combat. The upcoming patch 10 will make it so players can freely cancel many weapon swap animations simply by firing them.

This ties in perfectly to the new Run and Gun feature, which allows players to sprint immediately after firing a weapon. Furthermore, players will soon be able to cancel reload animations by tapping sprint.

Aim Down Sights

Patch 10 significantly reduces the aim down sights time for pistols and scoped sniper rifles. In addition, new targeting reticles have been added to numerous weapons such as the minigun, broadsider, Fat Man, harpoon gun, and even the paddle ball. Read the patch notes for a list of all weapons that are receiving targeting reticles.

Lastly, patch 10 introduces a bunch of in-game settings that will allow players to fine tune their view. Horizontal and vertical sensitivities can now be adjusted independently, and an option to invert X-axis input has been added. Other control settings such as dead zones on controllers are still missing, but this is a step in the right direction.

These changes certainly aren’t enough attract new players to Fallout 76, but they’ll improve the current players’ gameplay experience. Bethesda is still working on numerous content updates, and will share more details during their E3 showcase on June 9th. More details about the contents of patch 10 and its release date will be shared at a later date.

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Upcoming Fallout 76 Patch Brings Numerous Combat-Related Quality of Life Improvements

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