Upcoming DLCs announced at PDXcon: Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV and Stellaris

In PDXCon this year, where fans of Paradox Interactive’s creations come together, the developers unveiled three brand new upcoming expansions for their games — Stellaris, Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II.

Stellaris: Distant Stars

The Distant Stars expansion focusses on story and will give players more places to explore. As per player request, the update increases the number of anomalies in the game by 50%, and adds new systems waiting to be explored. Three new leviathans will be introduced, two of which will function similarly to the space dragons from previous expansions, but the third will be “quite different”.

The most exciting new feature, according to the developers, is the L-Cluster. Players will have to find and repair the malfunctioning L-Gates located near black holes in order to reach the L-Cluster.

The Distant Stars update will launch alongside the free 2.1 Niven update, which will introduce new types of stars and rework the anomaly system. Stellaris: Distant Stars will be available starting May 22nd for $9.99.

Europa Universalis IV: Dharma

Explore the Indian subcontinent with Europa Universalis IV’s latest expansion, Dharma. The Dharma update mainly focusses on peacetime interactions and trading between the Eastern nations. The update adds new government customization options and reworks the policy system.

Paradox Interactive said that the accompanying free update will rework the map of India, Tibet and Burma. Owners of The Cossacks expansion will also receive a new Cossack Government. Europa Universalis IV: Dharma expansion will cost $19.99 once it launches later this year.

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury

Finally, the strategy game Crusader Kings II will be receiving an expansion titled Holy Fury. This update will introduce two new factions: the Northern Crusaders of Catholic Europe and their Pagan neighbors. The Holy Fury expansion revolves around religion, and adds new crusade events as well as changes to the religion system. The update adds new succession laws in the form of bloodlines, meaning players could potentially have their character canonized.

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury does not have a confirmed release date yet, but will cost $19.99 once it launches sometime this year.

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Upcoming DLCs announced at PDXcon: Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV and Stellaris

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