Upcoming Apple MacBook Pro Laptops To Get Custom, Exclusive And Powerful Intel 10nm ‘Ice Lake’ 28W TDP Core i7-1068G7 CPU?

The upcoming Apple MacBook Pro Laptops will have powerful custom-fabricated and exclusive top-end Intel CPUs. The premium Apple laptops, meant for serious professionals, are expected to pack the most powerful processor from the Intel’s 10th Gen Ice Lake U Series Core family. According to a string of events and careful omissions from the commercial Intel CPU database, it becomes clear that Apple has reserved the Core i7-1068G7 for its MacBook Pro 13 Series.

An eagerly awaited CPU from Intel latest 10nm Fabrication Node, featuring the Ice Lake Architecture, may not be available for high-end Laptops, Ultrabook and Notebook computers running Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System. It seems Apple has quickly reserved even the Core i5-1038NG7 for its new 13-inch MacBook Pro PCs.

Intel Removes 10nm Ice Lake Core i7-1068G7 From ARK Website Listing To Divert All Production To Apple?

After years of delays, uncertainties, and several speculations, Intel appeared to be on track to commercially produce a powerful new CPU on the 10nm Fabrication Node. However, the most powerful variant of the 10th Generation Intel Ice Lake Series, the Intel Core i7-1068G7, appears to have been reserved for Apple MacBook Pro laptops. In other words, no laptops running Windows 10 OS will come with the top-end Intel CPU from the 10nm Intel Ice Lake family.

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The Core i7-1068G7 is no longer listed on Intel’s ARK website. In its place are two new 28W chips: The Core i5-1038NG7 and the modified Core i7-1068NG7. Both of the processors are most likely reserved for Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro PCs. The ‘N’ designation in the Ice Lake is reportedly a codename or designation to indicate the chips as exclusive to Apple.

Previous reports indicate these newly added Intel Ice Lake CPUs are meant for the MacBookPro16,2, the four Thunderbolt 3 version of the new MacBook Pro 13. This essentially means the Intel Core i7-1068G7 is no more available to OEMs for their premium Windows 10 laptops. In other words, Intel has indirectly confirmed that its most powerful 28W Ice Lake processors will be Apple exclusives.

Intel Traditionally Reserves It Most Powerful Variants Of Mobility CPUs For Apple?

It is important to note that except for the Core i5-1038NG7 and the modified Core i7-1068NG7 none of the 10nm Intel Ice Lake feature a 28W TDP Profile. All the Ice Lake-U processors have configurable TDPs of either 15W or 25W. This means only Apple has the 28W 10nm Intel Ice Lake Mobility CPUs.

Apple has traditionally been a preferred partner for Intel. In other words, Intel has been selectively supplying some of its most powerful mobility CPUs to Apple. The MacBook Air that Apple introduced in late 2018 came with a Core i5-8210Y. It was a 7W Mobility CPU. Meanwhile, all the other laptop manufacturers and OEMs received the Core i5-8200Y which is a 5W variant.

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The same preferential treatment for Apple continued this year as well. Apple’s 2020 MacBook Air has the special 10W Ice Laky Y parts (Core i7-1060NG7 and Core i5-1030NG7). Meanwhile, all other OEMs will receive 9W Ice Lake Y CPUs.

Incidentally, Windows 10 laptop makers are no stranger to such a pattern of supply from Intel. However, Intel is rather concerned about Apple’s development of a CPU in-house. Interestingly, Apple is developing its own ARM-based CPUs. Hence it is obvious that Intel has to offer its best products to Apple.

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