Upcoming Apex Legends Patch Addresses Inconsistent Hit Registration

Since the launch of Apex Legends’ battle pass, the game hasn’t received much in the way of content updates. However, developer Respawn has diverted most of its firepower towards tackling other issues such as cheaters, hit registration, and improving the overall gameplay experience. After receiving numerous complaints of bullets not registering, the developer is deploying some fixes that should fix, or at the very least, reduce cases of incorrect hit registration.

Hit Registration

While the root cause of bad hit registration is still unclear, Apex Legends’ next patch will make it easier to determine.

“One potential cause of hit registration bugs can be simple internet connection problems,” writes Respawn.

The network problem indicator icons shown on the upper right of the screen have been improved to better represent connection quality. This will not only help developers in figuring out the exact cause of inconsistent hit registration, but will also let players know why exactly their bullets didn’t register.

“We expect there will still be some remaining hit registration problems, but with these fixes and diagnostic information, we are better equipped to track them down.”

Audio Performance

Over the past few weeks, Apex Legends players have reported numerous audio related issues such as missing and distorted sounds.

“We have made improvements both in our code and with our content that will hopefully fix these issues for many players, and for others, at least lower the amount and length of time they encounter audio issues.”

In addition to the performance boost, players will now find it easier to listen to close proximity enemy footsteps. Moreover, the volume of the game from the character selection screen to the drop sequence has been lowered.

The upcoming patch is set to go live next week, and brings with it a handful of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Check out the patch notes for a full list of changes and additions.

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Upcoming Apex Legends Patch Addresses Inconsistent Hit Registration

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