A Video Made in Unreal Engine 5 Cherishes the Five Generations of PlayStation

It’s a trend now; enthusiasts like to play around with Unreal Engine 5 and reimagine their favourite games. As a result, many concept videos have been posted on the internet, showcasing a concept of existing classic games collaborating with the latest hardware and visuals.

Similarly, a YouTube channel named TeaserPlay has posted a one-minute video portraying the story of a gamer who has lived through multiple PlayStation generations. 


More specifically, the video’s main character has owned all the PlayStation consoles from PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 5 throughout his life. The interesting part is that the character is growing up as the PlayStation consoles progress from PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 5. 

As the description of the channel suggests: 

This is “TeaserPlay”, a place to turn ideas into reality. TeaserPlay is an independent graphics designer team who creates 3D works and animations for feature short films and concept trailers.

The whole YouTube channel revolves around making cool game concepts into reality, and this video is no different.

The video starts with the gamer, a young boy playing Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation 1. Time passes, and the child is now a teenager, playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on their PlayStation 2 console. Time jumps again, and the gamer in the video is now a young adult playing Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on their PS3. The next jump takes the story to 2018, where the 2018 God of War game is being played on a PlayStation 4 console. 

The story ends by portraying the latest era where the gamer is now a full-grown man and playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales on his PlayStation 5 with his child by his side playing with him. The end depicts that the tradition will likely be passed on to his children.

The video ends with a small message thanking PlayStation for making many great memories. The video is brief but inclusive and perfectly makes us experience the different generations of PlayStation and how it made our childhood fun and memorable. 

It’s definitely something different and something to cherish upon. Does this video take you on a memory lane? Let us know how you started your journey in gaming and whether it was PlayStation, the first console you owned.  


Farhan Ali

Farhan is a passionate writer with an undying love for games, PC hardware, and technology. With nearly 5 years of experience in blogging and over 14 years of experience in gaming, this is what he loves and does best.
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