How to Unmute Media Volume on Galaxy S7

If your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge media volume is stuck on mute then you’ll need to perform a few actions to get it fixed. Unfortunately, it may be the case that your smartphone is receiving some kind of hardware issue and in this case you’ll need to send off the Galaxy S7 Edge to Samsung for repair.

However, in most cases the stuck media volume is due to a software or app error and it can usually be fixed with a bit of troubleshooting. Follow the steps we’ve listed below to get the Galaxy S7 media volume fixed.

Method 1: Remove Interfering Apps

It could well be the case that an application is causing your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to be stuck on mute. To find out whether this is the case, you’ll first need to reboot your Galaxy S7 Edge into safe mode.


  1. To do this, switch the Samsung Galaxy S7 off.
  2. Next, hold the power key until the Samsung logo appears
  3. Now let go of the power key and immediately hold the volume down key
  4. Continue to hold the down key until the device restarts
  5. ‘Safe Mode’ should appear in the bottom left corner, you will now be able to let go of the volume down key

In safe mode, your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will stop all installed applications from running. This means that if an app is causing the media volume glitch you’ll be able to know. If this is the case, the volume should now work in safe mode.

If the volume is still not working you’ll need to refer to method 2.

If the volume is working in safe mode, you’ll now need to go through the process of uninstalling all of the apps you have installed on your device until the volume is fixed.

First, restart your device and put it back into standard user mode by doing the following

  1. Hold the power button and tap power off
  2. Hold the power button again until the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is turned back on

Now that the Galaxy S7 Edge is in standard user mode, you’ll be able to troubleshoot your media volume problem. To begin with, go through your app list and follow the steps below.


  1. Try to remember the last app you installed
  2. Uninstall that app after saving any important data in the app to the cloud
  3. Test to see if the media volume can work
  4. If it’s not working, try another app
  5. Continue this process until the sound is working

Method 2: Send for Repair

If the media volume isn’t working in safe mode, chances are that the device has dealt hardware damage. In this case you’ll need to save all of your important files to the cloud and factory reset your device.

Once you have factory reset your device you’ll need to send the Galaxy S7 Edge to Samsung for repair. You may need to call your local Samsung support number to find out how Samsung can repair your phone for you.

If your smartphone is backed by any warranty or insurance, such as warranty from your mobile network provider, you may be able to go through them instead to get it repaired for free.


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