Unlock Apex Legends Twitch Prime Loot For Free Using This Launch Command

Earlier this week, Respawn announced that Apex Legends is coming to Twitch Prime. By linking their Origin accounts with their Twitch Prime accounts, Apex Legends players were rewarded with five Apex Packs and a Legendary Pathfinder skin. The loot is exclusive is to Twitch Prime subscribers, but as it turns out, non-subscribers can also access it using a very simple launch command.

Free Twitch Prime Loot

Normally, users would need to be subscribed to Amazon Prime, which automatically extends itself to the streaming platform. However, non-subscribers can also obtain the loot by adding a simple command to Apex Legends’ launch options.

To do this, head over to your Origin game library and access Apex Legends’ game properties. After that, navigate to the Advanced Launch Options tab. In the command line arguments, enter the following without quotation marks “+twitch_prime_linked 1”.

Now you can just launch the game and you will be greeted with a thank you message screen. If you did it correctly, you’ll see five Apex Packs added to your inventory, and the Omega Point legendary Pathfinder skin will be unlocked. We’ve tested this ourselves and can confirm that it still works. Notably, if you remove the command after claiming your bonuses, the Apex Packs will stay, but the Pathfinder skin will be revoked.

The question on everyone’s mind: can this get your account banned? Well, probably not. As this is obviously unintentional, exploiting it is against the terms of service. Furthermore, this trick involves a simple launch command, which requires no external programs and is accessible from Origin itself.

For those who haven’t spent money on the game, getting banned is no big deal. As Apex Legends is free-to-play, they can simply create a new Origin account and hop right back into action. So while the chances of a ban are very slim, keep in mind that doing this is a violation of the terms of service.

Farhan Ali
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