SOLVED: Unlock Android Phone with a Broken Screen

Android phones usually come with an excellent security feature that allows you to lock your phones with a code or a pattern, to prevent unauthorized use of phone. While this is in your favor until the screen is broken, it goes against you when the screen is broken or if for any reason it becomes unresponsive. Fortunately, on android phones with version 3.1 and above you can use a USB-mouse to do this. In this guide, i will walk you through the steps to recover your data using the USB mouse and also via the Samsung Account (if you have an android phone) running Samsung.

Solution 1: Using USB OTG Cable

Before we begin to the procedure you will need USB OTG Cable, USB Mouse and a phone running Android version 3.0 or greater. Plug-in the USB OTB Cable in your Android device. Once the OTG Cable is attached to your device, Plug-in the USB mouse in USB Adapter of OTG Cable.


Now, that the mouse is attached to your Android device through OTG Cable, you will notice a cursor appears on the screen of your device. Press left-click and draw the Pattern, or enter the Password by clicking on the digits, to unlock the screen-lock.

Using mouse through OTG Cable in your device may drain your battery rapidly; therefore, make sure to charge your Android device before attaching a mouse.

Solution 2: Using Samsung Account

This solution is only applicable for Samsung devices that are linked with a Samsung account. If you haven’t linked your Samsung device then follow the Solution 1. To begin with this procedure you will need a computer with an internet access.

Go to on the computer. Sign-In with your ID and Password. Once you’re signed in to your registered Samsung account, you will see the linked devices on the left-hand side. Select your Samsung device which you want to unlock. Click on Unlock My Screen on the left panel of the screen. Now, click Unlock option located at the center of the interface. It may take several minutes to process your device to be unlocked.


A notification will pop-up on the computer screen, “The screen is Unlocked. Set up screen lock on the device”, when the device is unlocked. After it’s unlocked, you can begin the copy-move process.

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SOLVED: Unlock Android Phone with a Broken Screen

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