Fix: Unknown error code during install: -24

Google Play Store is notoriously well-known for regularly displaying a horde of different error messages and codes when Android users try to install apps. Each of these error messages has a different cause, and one of the most mysterious of these error messages is the “Unknown error code during install: -24” message.

‘Error Code -24’ is caused when an application is removed from an Android device (either by the user, because of changes to the Operating System such as software updates or because of unknown causes) but data pertaining to it is left behind. In addition, in some cases, applications have disappeared without a trace even though they had not been tampered with by the user, and the user getting the Error Code -24 message when trying to reinstall the applications. While the material part of the app gets uninstalled in such instances, the data part of the app remains tethered to the device’s storage.

When a user tries to reinstall the applications that had been removed, the Play Store fails to write over the data they left behind and, therefore, display Error Code -24. The following are two methods that have proven to be able to get rid of the Error Code -24 issue:

Method 1 (For Non-Rooted Users):

  1. Use a built-in or downloaded File Manager to access your phone’s internal storage.
  2. Open the ‘Android’ folder, followed by the ‘data’ subfolder that is located inside.
  3. Look for folders that contain data regarding the applications displaying Error Code -24. For example, the folder for data pertaining to the Whatsapp application is aptly named ‘com.whatsapp’.
  4. Delete the folder.
  5. Install the application that the folder belonged to, and the Play Store should no longer display Error Code -24.

Method 2 (For Rooted Users):

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Open the ‘Apps’ section of the settings or the ‘Application Manager’.
  3. Look for and select the Download Manager application. It seeks that, on Android devices that have been rooted, it is the Download Manager that causes a device to display Error Code -24, and a little tinkering with the Download Manager app can actively fix the issue.
  4. Press ‘Clear data’, wait for the app’s data to be cleared and try installing whatever apps you were unsuccessful at installing because of Error Code -24.
Kevin Arrows
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