FIX: Unfortunately, Samsung Text to speech engine has stopped

There are so many errors that just pop up out of nowhere on our devices some times that we can’t seem to get our head around them even, after scavenging the internet for hours. Because the Android operating system is open-source, anybody can play around with it in the attempt to concoct some magic; and during magic concoction, miscalculations are inevitable. These miscalculations then end up being scary pop-up errors when they are overlooked or ignored by developers. One such error is the “Unfortunately, Samsung text to speech engine has stopped” error.

This error has been occurring on rooted Android devices for quite some time now. We have heard from users that have just rooted their devices that soon after the successful root, the “Unfortunately Samsung text-to-speech engine has stopped” error started to haunt them. This error can really create a nuisance because when you open applications on your phone, it pops up all of a sudden, causes your phone to freeze for seconds and often even forces you to do a reboot. Most of the reporting users had also installed the Titanium Backup application after rooting when they faced this issue. Keep clicking “OK” but it will just keep reappearing again. Don’t worry though. We have got just the fix that you have been looking for and it is a simple one as well:

Unlock your device and move over to the “Settings” application on your phone.

Now make your way to the “My device” section on the menu.

Now go to “Language and input”.

Here from the list, find “Text to Speech output” and click on it.

From the options available, select the “Google text to speech engine”.

google text-to-speech engine

Now the job is half done as of yet. If you have Titanium Backup installed on your device, open the application and delete the “Samsung Text to speech” function via it. If you don’t have it installed, you can download it from the play store using this link.

Now you should not be facing this popup error again. Let’s know in the comments if this error worked for you as well!

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FIX: Unfortunately, Samsung Text to speech engine has stopped

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